Can Anybody Hear Me?

CAN ANYBODY HEAR ME?   by Sonni Quick   copyright 2016

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Written in support of all trans people.

I apologize for my fellow man who doesn’t understand his faults.


We live our years, we’re no longer young
Time is passing us by
Are you happy with the choices made
and the person you’ve become?

Does it make you sad when you look back
when you had the chance to choose
but thought your life was all God’s plan
You couldn’t see then what you’d lose

Your very soul when it was young
 loved your life like an endless dream
When you look back, then look at now
Did life pass by in an endless stream?

Do you justify your anger?
Do you have the need to fight?
Do you Feel disgust for those you judge?
Did God say you had the right?

So you punch and kick God’s love at them
with hate instead of love
God told you this in a spiteful voice
whispered from above?

Do you justify your righteous thoughts
and think God will forgive?
These ugly thoughts won’t stain your life
Cause you happiness instead?

It’s okay to force God’s love on them,
Make them feel your pain?
The effects of this on your own life
will come back to you again.

When it’s time for me to go,
and when it’s time for you
Was your life what you desired
What do you wish you could undo?

Will it break your heart to think inside
the love that Jesus taught
had turned around inside your soul
Became hate and warped your thoughts

When you were young and life before you
stretched through endless years
did you think you had all the time in the world
to overcome your fears?

Did you think your life was planned for you
so you didn’t have to change?
You could hate and judge and didn’t think
your God would cause you pain?

You have only yourself to blame
at the very end of life
when you didn’t learn the Bible taught
hate would cause you strife

You haven’t learn that you will reap
the effect of causes sown
The words so clear on the Bible’s pages
you’ll pretend you hadn’t known

You can not die with happiness
With a heart intent on pain
I hope the last thing on your mind
is sadly… “I’ll have to live it all again”

You will not have earned the happiness
in the life that is to come
Forgiveness doesn’t ever change
the angry, hurtful things you’ve done

All of us have to pay 
the price for things we do
But you’ll get another chance next time

to become a better you

Sonni Quick – a Nichiren Buddhist
copyright 2016

we are human

Ever since the issue came up of the state that wanted to cause even more hate in this country with the nonexistent issue of trans women molesting four year old girls in restrooms. They caused fear on an issue never before expressed. These Christians thrive on fear and hate. Because of this hate they want to force women to use restrooms based on their birth rather than who they are today and it has brought out ugliness in people that is really quite shameful.

All of the attention, especially on Facebook, with the use of posters, has  used guns  pointed at these women keeping watch to make sure none of “women” come into the restroom because now they are all concerned that these “men” are going to sexually molest little girls.  Was that ever – at any time – an issue?  Did it bother any of these people before?  Has there ever been a case of a trans woman molesting little a little girl?  Does being trans automatically make them a pedophile?

This extreme attention has all been directed at trans women who were born as a male.  I have seen absolutely nothing about women who feel they are now supposed to be afraid of trans men.  The have had testosterone.  Many have grown facial hair – sometimes full beards, and definitely don’t look like women.  But not woman has posted anything about these men being in the ladies room, next to them in a stall doing their business. But they DO have to be afraid of heterosexual men barging into the restroom to patrol and ask for ID’s

An important thing to consider; the hateful comments all seem to come from very hateful Christians who feel it goes against their faith – and no – I am NOT saying that all Christians are hateful – but the ones I conversed with definitely were. 

Then, to mock me, they said things like, “She’s just a Muslim and can’t help herself,” also maligning, all Muslims. Exactly what did Muslims have to do with this? We have hateful Muslims and good Muslims and we definitely have hateful Christians and good Christians.  How any person can think they are a good Christian who practices what it teaches in the Bible, yet can still be so hateful, is beyond comprehension. Are they practicing Christianity, or perhaps some other form  of religion that is definitely not based on the lessons taught in the Bible.

I am not a Christian, but I used to be, and I have read the Bible. I don’t remember hate being taught. I do remember being taught to treat people the way I want to be treated. The Bible also teaches what will happen if you don’t. You reap what you sow; in other words, karma. The law of cause and effect. When these Christians get back what they give, in any circumstance, they will most likely cry, “I’m a victim! I don’t deserve this! They have no right to treat me this way!” But that is how you reap what you sow.

Anyone who reads what I write knows I am a long time Buddhist.  I don’t shove my faith down others throats. I do not malign other religions for fun or crudeness.  That would be disrespect my faith.  There is good to be found in most religions.  I say “most” because I don’t know about all religions. If you are following the teachings of a religion so you become a better human being and learn how to improve your life and be happy, who am I to say it is wrong?  But if you use it to hurt others and to put other religions dow; be belligerent – a bully –  that is another story. 

If you can’t take responsibility for your life and your actions and instead use your faith as an excuse to hurt others, I’ll use my words to show you your fallacy.  I have no tolerannce for hypocrites,  or plastic Christians.

After reading these Facebook posts it went round and round in my brain. When I woke this morning I reached for pen and paper and wrote that poem. I included the most recent piece of music I have recorded. 

I only ask, share this post with your own social media and let people know that disparaging people who are not like you is not the way any of us should behave.  Being born into the wrong skin has made trans lives lives difficult enough to deal with without ignorant people slinging mud at them because they don’t approve of them, even if you think you are so perfect and think everyone loves you because you are such a wonderful person.  People doing that make a mockery of their faith and everything it stands for.  You get back what you dish out, so have fun when life gets you back. . . .Blog posts and news about injustice in the world

Chapter List: Inside The Forbidden Outside
A Message From Someone Who Cares (forward)
First two chapters:
Everyday Dreams
Jamie’s Story

I have begun a newsletter on different aspects of the prison industry as well as updates on the progress of the book. I’m looking for a reasonable cost publishing house that can also include CD’s of the piano music found at most of which was written for the book.Fill out the contact form to be put on the mailing list which will only go out monthly. (You won’t get bombarded like some businesses do!)

5 thoughts on “Can Anybody Hear Me?

    1. Thank you Nena. Sometimes there is such conflicted emotions that go through my head. Lately I’ve had so much more to deal with because of my mom having a stroke. I’ve had to put off my trip to see Jamie and my grandkids and it is a disappointment to all, but mom comes first and there is no way of knowing at this point how much she will recover. I am the one physically the closest for when the day she will hopefully come home. Can I split myself in two?

      Liked by 1 person

  1. People don’t often think things through; snap judgements are made on both sides, and battlelines are drawn. And it’s all so stupid. Who the heck cares what bathroom you use when you need to go? Who the heck should?

    Compared to actual problems in the world, it all seems so petty to me.

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    1. Yes it is petty, but many people don’t think of – or care, about the unintended consequences of their actions or if it hurts people. Anyone – like trans, or gay, deformed, over weight etc, have probably gone through years of unexceptance, finger pointing, being made fun of and cruelty, just to find a place in life to be happy. Those who now also feel they have legality on their side, added to what they interpret from the Bible, makes them feel their cruelty is justified – but if someone was cruel to an animal they would be all over that as being wrong. The same justifications don’t apply to people. When I replied to several comments that this treatment was undeserved – they turned their hateful comments on me. We get back in life what we give. If they ever have something turned on them, they will cry victim, and state they didn’t do anything to deserve it. Our life is made up of effects from the causes we make. No one is exempt, no matter what your faith is. It’s like gravity. You can’t pretend it won’t affect you.


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