What is De’ja Vu? YouTube Video


The other day a friend and I were talking when she came for her piano lesson, and as usual we talked about many things. We often have differences of opinions, but we agree to disagree. But interestingly, that day we started talking about the feeling one gets when we think we have already experienced something. That feeling of deja vu is usually a pleasant one for me – that sudden feeling of having been there before or had a conversation before. Today I accidentally landed on this short YouTube video with a physicist who explained why we sometimes have deja vu. Is he right? Is he wrong? Who knows. Maybe some things are more fun if they are kept a mystery.

There are many other short videos he made on different aspects of science. It’s hard to not keep watching. Have fun.


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Below is a couple chapters from a book I’m writing.  These chapters will give you other links to more if you are interested.  After reading much information about self publishing it’s important to cultivate an email list as you write so you have people to tell when it’s done.  You can get more information about it at my other blog My Name Is Jamie

Inside The Forbidden Outside

A Message From Someone Who Cares (forward)
First two chapters:
Everyday Dreams
Jamie’s Story

I have also begun a newsletter on different aspects of the prison industry as well as updates on the progress of the book. I’m looking for a reasonable cost publishing house that can also produce and include CD’s of the piano music found at http://soundcloud.com/sonni-quick   most of which were written for the book. It is improvised piano; beautiful melodies that would put you to sleep on a restless night.

Fill out the contact form to be put on the mailing list which will only go out monthly, unless there is some kind of unforeseeable event. You won’t get bombarded  with email like some businesses do. I promise!  I hate they do that to me!

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