Silence is So Loud

Silence is so Loud  by Sonni Quick  copyright 2016

This is my newest piece.  If you like it leave a comment.  If you love it tap the heart.  Share it if you will.  I’ve decided that I’m going to gig again.  I stopped a number of years ago when I got too sick and never thought I would again.  So the last few years I have taught piano – as I have done for 43 years – and compose and record.  All pieces are improv.  I have lately been listening to a lot of improv piano at soundcloud to see what other people are doing.  I have heard no one – in my opinion – who can reach inside the music and pull out the heart.

At you can look up my name and find 19 pieces of piano.  You can find the post this music that goes with music at my other blog The Value of a Prison Letter

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Chapter List:
A Message From Someone Who Cares (forward)
First two chapters:
Everyday Dreams
Jamie’s Story

I have begun a newsletter on different aspects of the prison industry as well as updates on the progress of the book. I’m looking for a reasonable cost publishing house that can also include CD’s of the piano music found at most of which was written for the book.Fill out the contact form to be put on the mailing list which will only go out monthly. (You won’t get bombarded like some businesses do!)

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