I Have a Question About Blogs

I don’t ask this in a negative way. It is just a thought that crossed my mind as I looked at blogs today – ones I decided not to even pull up to see what they have to say – not that everyone would be interested in my two blogs, either.

I started thinking about what does and doesn’t interest me. How do we present ourselves to others so they would want to open our blog. What is it we think is most important for other bloggers to know about us from our very first sentence?

I am Buddhist. I’ve written about that in different ways on my blog in posts that have something to do with faith and religion. But I don’t feel the need to make that the number one thing that is important for people to know about me above everything else.  My being a Buddhist is not why people read my blogs.  In other words,  I don’t write a Buddhist blog.

I think faith is personal. Your faith shows by who are. Is your faith the first thing people need to know about you? Is it important for people to know you are Christian before they read your blog? Does any other person of another faith feel the need to know you are a follower of Christ? Do people of other faiths put their faith at the head of their description of their blog. I’m Morman. I’m Muslim. I’m Jewish. No, but by reading their blog you’d find that out.

I have friends of other faiths. It isn’t a prerequisite to be Buddhist to be friends if you respect each other and don’t insist on converting or say, “I’m right and you’re wrong.”

Please, don’t be offended. I’m not saying to not write about your faith. I write about mine, too. It’s an important part of who I am. But I am much more than a Buddhist. What I have learned through the teachings of Nichiren Buddhism has changed my life in many positive ways. But my blog is about much more than Buddhist teachings. If I made being a Buddhist an important part of the description of my blog mI’ll be a lot of Christians wouldn’t open my blog and I would have missed meeting some great people.

I have come across many Christian blogs that are only about the teachings. Nothing wrong with that. ButI find when someone has to tell me they are Christian before I even know what their blog is about – I skip right by it. It looks like it is the focus of their blog. If someone tells me up front they love to sew then it looks like it is a blog about sewing – skip – if it says they are concerned about the food we eat – I open it – if the most important thing is they love dogs – skip, I don’t have a dog and never will. Do you see what I’m getting to? There are many non Christians who won’t open a blog who gets emphatic about being a Christian. Do you only want Christian followers?

I would have checked out that blog if the bio was about what was in the blog, so they lost a potential reader because they didn’t use the space to tell me anything interesting.

Of course this is only my opinion. Everyone is welcome to think differently. I would be interested to know what you think.

12 thoughts on “I Have a Question About Blogs

  1. Yuri, I’m not going to approve that last reply on my blog. You didn’t listen to a word I said. I’m not going to print a lot of bible verses. I told you – I am Buddhist. I don’t print Buddhist scripture on here either. I said it was important to respect our differences. If christianity makes you happy, that is great, but you aren’t going to use my blog to preach about it. I think it is disrespectful since I told you how I felt about it yet you seemed determined to try to convert me. I’ve been a Buddhist for longer than you have lived. Don’t preach at me. Keep your replies appropriate.

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    1. Ok Sonni. I speak to you personally. No need to publish. I know what you said. I know how the spirit world works. Why? Because the spirit of the Truth told me by His word. There are only two sources, God and the Deceiver. I hope you understand. I really do. I must be frank. God’s children should be. Otherwise the message would be useless.



  2. Thank you for your kind words. I think some of the best blogs I’ve found are from following people from blogs I’m reading who make comments of posts I read. I feel like i find them by “accident”. It’s one thing I really like about blogging is meeting the people. A long time ago it was what attracted people to chat rooms but you could never get to know them as well. I also think your English is good. I wish I knew another language, but I don’t. I think your reason for your faith is a good one. Your faith should enable you to overcome your problems, teach you how to be a good person and make you happy. I don’t see much of that these days. Or maybe the good people keep it personal, which is what your faith should be. It is the other ones who twist things and use it to hate and degrade others. i don’t know if you know much about American politics but many of the Christians here want to make it so that everyone has to be a Christian – one nation under God – except that there are many religions here and our country was founded on freedom of religions. In the past few years it has gotten so bad. Much racism and hate against gays. Parents teaching their children to be bullies and teaching children to shoot guns. Everyone wants to carry guns on them. The world is a scary place now. I am Buddhist. Our focus is peace. Many teachings are the same as Christianity about how to be a good person. But it isn’t about me trying to convince you I am right or you doing the same – it is about respecting each other and being able to talk to each other without so much hate. and no, we don’t believe in accidents, or luck. In Christianity it is called “You reap what you sow” We call it “The law of cause and effect”. if you want a good life you have to make the causes for that to happen. If you are unhappy, you made the causes for that, too. I will check your links – thank you.

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    1. What do you mean by my stopping “staring” at people? and of course, no-one is perfect. I think if I thought I was perfect then it would mean I would have no more lessons to learn, nothing to overcome, nothing to make better. That is not living. I think it would be pretty boring to be perfect. Besides everyone has a different explanation of what they think perfect is. I have learned a lot about myself because of the things I’ve had to go through. Even all the mistakes we make we have a choice how we want to look at them. We could think they are negative and ruined our life, but I think there is a positive inside every negative. It is how we look at things. I would not go back and undo my mistakes if it meant there was something I didn’t learn that helped make me a better person.. am I a “good” person? Yes, I think I am, but it doesn’t make me a perfect person. In each day I try to help the people who cross my path and show respect to everyone, regardless of whether I “think” they are deserving of my time. In other words, I try to treat people the way I want to be treated. As a Buddhist, one thing we do each day is chant. It is meditation, but it is a verbal cause instead of just a thinking one. There are three ways of making good – and – bad causes. By what we think, by what we say and by the things we do. Doing good things is a greater cause than just thinking about doing good things. We often here that people meditate and that is good. It is a good way to relax your body, relieve stress and a way to mentally focus on your life. I chant nam-myoho-renge-kyo. It is ancient Japanese. There are other prayers done as well. Actually, the Christian habit of putting ones hands together with the fingers up comes from Buddhism a very long time before Christianity was even a thought. Same with the ten commandments. They were in Buddhist scripture 1000 years before Moses. Where does it all come from? I think much of it comes from the same place and over time and being spread over many continents it is man who has changed and interpreted it in many different ways. I don’t think it important to try and figure all of that out. If your faith makes you happy and helps you change the negative into positive and you learn how to be a better person then that is good. When you were an atheist and then read the bible, you could just as easily read the Gosho. You would have read wonderful things that would have encouraged you and you would have easily thought then that it was the truth. There are many things that happen to us in our life that send us down different paths. If you had read the Gosho you would have realized there was nothing you needed to be “saved” from. But that isn’t what happened. perhaps in Finland there are no Nichiren Buddhists, but there are in over 120 countries. I think the main difference is that we don’t think there is something outside ourselves that saves us, or changes anything. It is ourselves we need to look to, to find that. Wisdom and understanding. We don’t pray to have an outside source fix our problems, or our health or relationships or unhappiness. The strength and wisdom is inside us. I don’t think “God is”e looking at it as if he were a being who could think or feel or desire. This Gd you speak of also gets angry if you don’t praise him, sends plagues and hardship. He is an angry God if you don’t worship correctly. He hates gays, according to some Christians. You see, I find many different versions of what God has supposed to have said and wants. Many people believe in part of the bible but they don’t practice what it teaches. Many people use it to point fingers at other people and declare what terrible people they are. I’m not saying you do this. It is just so consfusing to read about so many different Christians that say they are Christians but they believe different things. Maybe it is because the bible is written by many many different men over hundreds and hundreds of years and interpret it they way they think it should be. So many rules and rituals. I think people have complicated the message – Do unto others the way you want people to do unto you- why? because the law ofcause and effect or you reap what you sow – says you will get back in your life what you give. You will have the kind of life you deserve. If you aren’t a good person and if you hurt people you will get it back and will have no one but yourself to blame. But I assure you, God will not be calling me, has never called me because what I have is inside me. That God-like nature is inside me, not outside me. In spite of that, we can still be friends as long as we respect each others choices. You were always alive. You were never dead. But you might not have been happy and maybe you felt you had no life, and studying the Bible gave you some of the answers you were looking for and that was a good thing – for you. I will be back to read more. Have a wonderful day.

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  3. I enjoy your reading your blog and am following you in my Reader. But I firmly believe that in a free country like yours, religion is everyone’s private choice, just like gender-orientation. It should matter to you only, and not to someone who reads your blogs, unless religion and related subjects are the main topic of the blog. But in your case you write about different things, and very less about religion. So I shall continue following you. My religion (or the lack of it) is my private matter, and I may not write about it. Have a nice day!

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    1. I totally agree with you. Whenever I write about it, it is usually because of those people think they have the right to control other people’s lives because of what they believe in. Your faith is what should guide you on your own life journey but it seems that too many people here in the US have this mistaken idea that we are a nation of Christians so everyone should just do what they say. The worst part is that it goes against everything that faith teaches. It seems that the level of hate keeps going up. I experience it even in my family who claims to be Christian, but their behavior says something else. I don’t have a lot of toleration for hypocrites – consequently, we don’t get a long on many issues.

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  4. I’m still working out what drives interest myself. Not sure my writing does, since no one seems willing to actually comment on the questions I post as part of the package. So if you figure it out, let me know.

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    1. I don’t often get many comments and likes. It seems that those blogs that don’t say a lot get a lot of comments and quite often they are real short one liners and the replies are often just think you and that gets bantered back and fourth 6 or 8 times. Of course that doesn’t apply to all. What does that mean? I’d rather have fewer comments that actually say something. My posts aren’t “happy”and it’s hard to “like” something that made you sad or angry. The other thing, most of my stats don’t come from bloggers. They come from searches and a lot come from stumble upon. I tried a couple polls but the response was terrible. Watch and Whirl isn’t my main blog. I write there when something hits me. I don’t have a ton of followers. It is Jamie’s site I promote. Today I realized its only Christians who feel they need you to know their faith upfront. But I wonder whether they apply all the teachings to their lives consciously or pick and choose some of them. Do they think all they have to do is praise an entity and it doesn’t matter what they DO because they think they are saved and therefore blessed, so it doesn’t matter. A preacher said that. It was on the teaching -you reap what you sow. “It doesn’t matter what you do because Jesus died for your sins.” That is screwed up.


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