Dear Past, Dear Future


This sounds good. It would be nice if we learned lessons from our past. This is one of those wishful thinking posts that sounds good but I don’t think we have learned anything at all from our past or the United States wouldn’t be in such deep shit. If there is anyone out there who has learned anything, please raise your hand so we know who you are. Granted, there are people who understand the direction this country is headed, but I promise you they aren’t saying, “Dear future, I’m ready.” They are depressed. We try to remain hopeful that somehow we will get through even one more year without imploding.

There are too many ignorant, brain-dead people that continue to push us toward self-destruction even as they watch us sink faster and faster. People vote against their own best interest. They want us to be a Christian nation. I’ll tell you this much; if America is an example of a Christian nation, and the behavior of its people is an example of the way Christians show respect to human beings, then I am really glad that I am not one. It’s depressing to watch.

The sign above should say, “Thank you for all the lessons. Maybe this year we can work on understanding one or two lessons this year, so in the future we won’t be so ignorant and self centered and learn to help people. Maybe then we’ll have a future we can be proud of. Right now it’s hard to have much hope. . . .Blog posts and news about injustice in the world

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