First Plastic Surgery 1917

plastic surgery 1917

This man appears to have been burned.  He volunteered to be the recipient of the the first skin graft which makes it the first attempt of plastic surgery.  I supposed the doctor cut two pieces of skin out for the eyes not knowing how it would heal.  I’m not sure, though, if the effect made it look better or worse because there is less to see of his eyes.  The man has a small smile on his face so maybe to him it was a success because it appears to have covered other scars on his forehead and below his eyes.  It made him look like the lone ranger.  Maybe he could have had a mask made.

The major thing, though, is that it was the first and it led to more and more improvements.  I recently saw some complete face transplants.  None of them made the person’s face look normal,  But there was a marked improvement on faces that were so damaged.  We should appreciate our life everyday and have compassion for people who have to go through so much physical suffering. . . .Blog posts and news about injustice in the world


  1. Changes can be made only by trying. The Wright Brothers learned how to fly with winged kites, then to a large wing object they flew at Kitty Hawk, NC then adding an engine and propeller and adding a tail to fly. Each time they made small improvements to understand the change.
    We are approaching time travel the same way with small improvements to first understand, then to use it.

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    1. So true. It has to start somewhere. It takes courage to be different. I wonder how many doctors told told the doctor who did this that it couldn’t be done or told the man he was foolish for letting him do this to his face? I admire people who have the courage to go against what other people probably told him couldn’t be done.


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