Fifty Years From Now . . .

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I’ll be dead and my children well be 85 and 89  My oldest grand kid will be 68. It feels strange looking at life like that, but my mom is 82 right now. I can look at her and see how old she is and know how fast time goes by. My kids will get old, too.

There is a reason for my pondering today. It seems more and more I find myself talking about the “good old days”. My good old days in the 5o’s and 60’s when as kids we could leave the house and play outside all day and my parents didn’t worry about us. We knew to be home by the time the street lights came on. We didn’t want to sit in front of the TV. We wanted to be outside. We had school clothes and play clothes. We didn’t disrespect ourselves by showing bare body parts and we didn’t disrespect our teachers. Our parents taught us that. School education was more complete. We learned to write English – cursive.  Kids don’t learn that today. What? We also knew who the first president of America was. Most kids don’t anymore.  We couldn’t use calculators in math class. It was considered cheating. We were expected to use our minds. 

But the scary part – the really scary part – is where will we be as a society in 50 years and how much more will our government slide into this pit it seems determined to slide into? There is so much hate. Christian nation? Bullshit. Too many Americans feel they deserve so much more than other people in different countries, like we have the right to any resources that belong to other countries and we can just go take it because we have the biggest military.

It also seems that those who cry the loudest that they are morally the best people, are the ones who are the most corrupt. They are the ones who care the least how many people they have to hurt to get what they think they deserve. And we LET them get away with it as we strap our guns onto our hips and pretend we live in the wild west. How stupid can we get? Pretty. Damn. Stupid. Our great grandchildren will say that because when they are 60, when the right to water is gone, they will pay through the nose for it. Wars well be fought over it, and right now we let Nestles and Coke use as much as they damn well want to and we can’t stop them from making their shitty products. Really?

50 years from now we will look back on today at how we stuck our heads in the sand instead of taking care of the future for them.

Since people today weren’t around when we ran from England to go someplace where we wouldn’t be persecuted for our faith, we made sure that church and state was separate. We are now insisting that prayer be allowed in school ONLY if it is Christian. Let a Muslim want pray and he would be called a terrorist.

What is wrong with us?  Lies become truth. Truth becomes lost. Corporations poison our water, air and earth. There are too many chemicals in our food. Old age diseases we never had in the proportions we have now are killing us in larger numbers and corporations can legally prevent us from knowing what is in our food because they have the right to make a profit even if it kills us, the lower 98%, because we don’t make the money they do.

Our country is imploding in on itself. In 50 years when we look back on today  , and call THESE days the good old days because we still have a good variety of fresh food in the supermarket, before the rest of the bees die off because of Monsantos pesticides. There aren’t enough bees to keep food production strong, but we will talk about when we could still buy bananas and how good they were. We will talk about we should have tried to stop Monsanto. We talk about how almost every child has diabetes because the majority of people can’t possible afford to buy food that is anything but processed food – worse than it is today. We will talk about how stupid the people were who listened to the government say that global warming was hype because their pockets were being lined.

People will say we should have done more when we could because we left our grandchild a shitty world to live in. We should have come together to save the world instead of wasted time and money arguing about stupid politics – and you know what stupid politics I’m talking about.

I’m sorry kids. We were selfish. We were ignorant. We left you our mess to clean up, and you won’t be able to. Forgive us. . . .Blog posts and news about injustice in the world

2 thoughts on “Fifty Years From Now . . .

  1. The media is acting like we still have to change this – that the tipping point hasn’t been reached yet. Sadly, they are wrong. We needed to listen to what was saying a long time ago instead of saying it was a bunch of bunk. We are for a serious world of hurt – seriously


  2. You are correct
    Social Security will be gone with our kids taking care of themselves because the old people putting them in debt ONLY $18 trillion in debt in 2016. Thank your government.

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