3 Popular Mainstream Media Journalists Come Together & Tell The Truth About Tell-Lie-Vision

It’s a shame there is a need to reblog this, but the fact remains – people believe what they hear and read in the mainstream news. People either think they couldn’t get away with saying such blatant lies, or the lies they hear go along with what they want to believe, whether it is true or not. This past year has been horrible, and it has been made worse because it is an election year here in the US. Each candidate is trying to out do the other by telling the public how tough they are. Much of what they say are lies and are easily fact checked. But it doesn’t matter. Once it is said there are going to be people who say is the truth. All of this is deliberate so the people can be riled up enough to support another war. But the people who fight in this war are not going to be the children of these politicians, it will be the children and grandchildren of the ordinary masses. We will sacrifice our children.

But it is not just about the terrorism from other countries, it is about the terrorism they don’t want to report- the deaths of our own citizens by our police force, which has killed way more people this year than terrorism did.

And so much more. So many lies by our media. I can only say again what this article says – get away from mainstream media. All of it is owned by three major corporations. They spoon feed the information they want you to know. Stop being led around by the nose and take charge of what you learn. Say no more. Turn off Fox News. Stop thinking they tell you the news. If you think that, start questioning why you do. It is because they tell it to you – over and over – and now you believe it to be truth.

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