Merry Xristmas To Those NoOne Gives a Crap About

….I thought this needed to be shared!

My Name is Jamie. My Life in Prison

prisonphotography santa

Millions of men, women and even young children from neighborhoods and cities all over America, the land of milk and honey, the loving nation that so many say is “One Nation Under God” – who is professed to know your every thought and wants to have a mansion in heaven waiting for you when you die – yes – the people of THAT country, are locked away – out of sight – so you don’t have to even think about them during the time of holidays, while you buy and send the same type Xristmas card every year – and spend 49 cents – and still rising – until all cards become electronic – to send a card and probably only sign your name ( if you are old enough to know how to write in cursive) – Love, so and so, and you’ve done your duty and followed…

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