Some Practice Their Faith And Some Don’t


It has been very disturbing the past few weeks. The degree of hate coming from people, who in the same breath, will tell you what patriotic, American Christians they are, while they call other people names, ridicule them and are adement about never wanting to help them because Muslims are terrorists – and so are many Christians.

If you have been reading my posts you know I am Buddhist -and very far from a perfect one. It will take a life time of study to gain the wisdom to begin to understand how to apply what I learn to my life. True nature has a way of sneaking up on me and I find myself reacting to something in a way I regret. I have to self reflect and keep trying to be a better person.

But I don’t hear that in these hateful conversations about what American people want to do to these “Syrian refugee terrorists.”  If I ask them,  where are they applying the Christian teaching of compassion, they sling mud at me instead.

The same Christians are so insistent that every child be born and abortions be stopped, yet aren’t many of these refugees, children? And they want these Muslim children to be racially profiled their entire life? Is this how Christians are taught to live their lives?

People are so afraid of Muslims, more than any other faith. There are terrorists who are Muslim, but there are terrorists who are Christian, and they are to be feared as well. I have heard people say they are taking over and multiplying and having large families. I am waiting to hear the first time someone suggests they be forced  to be sterilized (which obviously they can’t do) or have their pregnancies terminated.

The bottom line – this isn’t Christianity.   One woman recently told me that if I read the Bible ( I have) then I would want God’s loving arms around me. ( no, I wouldn’t) But where is the compassion their faith teaches they should have for people in need? People who are afraid, people who have lost everything they cherish and have to begin again in a completely different country, speaking a different language, among people who thoroughly resent them….


But also, to say that people who are against religion throw rocks at the church is a minority. Atheists wouldn’t spend the time because they just don’t care – unless the Christians throw the first punch – usually.

I’m glad I don’t practice Christianity. There are so many ideas you can pick from and leave the rest behind. There are many gay Christians but some churches would kick them out along with their entire family. So hateful.

Someone, please “why”  do people practice Christianity today? Is it just so they can get into heaven? Because I don’t see it affecting their lives in a positive way. I do know this is not every person in every faith, but it is a lot.

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  1. I grew up in the Catholic church. Not an easy thing for many. The funny thing is, i don’t remember being taught that i could pick and choose from the bible i was raised with. I remember being taught to love all my brothers and sisters. Not just certain ones. I do believe in a loving and forgiving God. What i don’t believe in anymore is the human race. I remember singing the song “Jesus loves the little children” when i was little. I must have missed the verse that said “Jesus loves the little white children – only”. I often find myself being ashamed to admit i am a Christian. Not because of the God that i believe in but because of the people warping his word.
    I have become very interested in learning about your faith. I want/need something that feels better than what I have now.
    You have me hooked! Thank you. You are a breath of fresh air.

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    1. I think there is good you can learn from every religion. There are many good parables that teach you how to live. Many of those today who say they are Christian – really aren’t. You can’t have that much hate in your heart for people who don’t believe like you and in the next breath say God loves them. People fear people who are not like them. They have to be the special ones. God couldn’t possibly love a Muslim in their eyes because are Muslims are to be feared. I’m not going to spend my life in fear and I’m not going to worry about things I can’t change. I do tend to get intolerant of people who display such arrogant bigotry.

      Do you realize you did it again? “I do believe in a loving and forgiving God” Why? And why give this god people emotions and feelings? You say that because it is comforting to you to feel protected and loved. And no, as I was raised I don’t remember the bible being picked over about what to believe, but looking back over my life I can see – especially now that Christians don’t all believe the same thing and they spend far to much time trying to make other people follow what they think than actually applying it to themselves. Leah, every single thing happens for a reason. Everything is the effect of a cause that was made. There is even a reason why we “Met”. Where you are right now is the result of causes you made – many of them a long time ago. If you want your future to be a certain way, and you learn how to understand the causes you make, then life won’t slap you around. it can still make you angry, sad and disappointed but you will learn to see them in a different way. I would be dead today had I not started practicing Nichiren Buddhism. It has been difficult. i was very self destructive and I’ve been living through the effects of that for a long time. But at least I am here to do that. I will make you very sincere promise. This will change your life, and . . .I will be here for you. I have to this to many, many people. So go to that website a gave you. It’s a good start. later . ………..

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      1. I will definitely go to that website. I am going to try and sleep for a bit first as my cousin “Insomnia” came to visit a few days and absolutely refuses to leave. She is my least favorite relative.
        Did you see my review of the chapters of your book?
        I have always believed that every choice (cause) i have made in life has an effect. I have no doubt there is a reason we met. I am very happy about that, too! Even though i have made many poor choices in my life i would not change a single one of them. I made some really crappy choices which landed me in a homeless shelter for 7 months. I would fight anyone to the death if they tried to take that away from me. I learned so much from that experience. I became a better person because of it.
        I look forward to checking out the website and i am so grateful you are willing to accompany me on this new and exciting journey and share your knowledge with me!
        I also you and Jamie will allow me to be a part of the journey you guys are on. My heart aches for him. I want to help in whatever way i am can. His/your story had me in tears. Please let me know what you need me to do.
        Hugs, hugs and more hugs for you both. How are you feeling?

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        1. I could have written your post. I was queen of poor choices. I didn’t know the word consequence even existed. I do now. Is been a tough road. It’s easy to understand the ones we can see but is harder to see the causes we make because our nature dictates how we react to things that happen to us. Changing our nature is very hard. When life hits we often don’t have any time to think before we react. Then we say our do things we wish we didn’t. And how do we change how people see us – if they judged us wrong? How do we control our environment. How do we accomplish things we think are impassible. Yes, we can pray about it, but if you pray for something “out there” to fix it’s like throwing a coin in a wishing well. Nothing will change unless you change. Change inside (microcosm) will change your environment (macrocosm). No I haven’t read the review. Where is it? Email? How do I feel? Physically, Ill feel better when my hero c treatment is done. Mentally? Off and running!


  2. The concept of God’s loving arms is a wonderful thing, even for a rationally thinking person. But for people who do not ‘share what they have with their brothers and sisters’ are not Christians. What Christianity are they practicing?

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