In The Original Constitution . . .

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In different posts Throughout the year I have written about the many ways our history has been twisted and changed to serve special interests.  When something is said over and over, it becomes the truth in many people’s minds.  The rhetoric about us always being a Christian nation is one, although it isn’t on this particular list because it is not about the government.  We are not a Christian nation no matter how much Christians want us to be.  We were not founded as a Christian nation, which is why religion isn’t discussed as an important issue in our constitution. It doesn’t say people should live with Christian values.

Remember we had left a country who was trying to force everyone join the English Church. Only being a Catholic was okay. How would you feel if our constitution said America was a Catholic nation? Would you object? Everyone is scared if the Muslims took over we would be forced to live under Shia law. You don’t want that? Neither do I, and I feel the same about being made to feel this is a Christian nation, too, because many Christians are very violent and they kill people who don’t believe as they do. It is important that we have a separation between church and state.  Do you understand what that means? So many people no longer want to separate church and state, not caring that the church is not important in many homes because they are either another religion or no religion at all.  Why do people think it is okay to force their religion on anyone else.

It doesn’t matter how much faith you have in your religion, our government should not get involved and didn’t intended to get involved, and no, it should also not be taught in school in any way.  No ten commandments.  No prayers.  Pray before school or after school or in your home or church.  That is what Sunday school is for.  School is for education.  Pay to go to a Christian school if you want your kids to have a Christian education. Would you teach math during Sunday school or would you say that wasn’t appropriate?

This was the premise our country was founded on, whether Christians think it is or not.  Should the premise of Buddhism be taught in school?  Should the Islamic faith be taught?  How about Judaism, or the Mormon faith?  Jehovah Witness? Catholicism? How about paganism? Should we teach about the Occult?  No, no you say? So why should anything of a religious nature be taught?  Because YOU think it is important?  No, it isn’t.  It is only important to you, and you have no right to force it on me and my family, who believes something completely different.  If that makes you mad – I don’t care.  What I do in my life is no concern of yours.  It is when your faith bleeds out into the public sector that problems are caused because you just don’t get it. Christianity is the only religion that gets pulled into secular affairs, and believe it or not, you have no right to try to make me live in your Christian world.

When I now hear the GOP presidential contenders, who want a religious test for Syrian refugees to see which ones are Christian enough to be let them in, it makes me sick.  It reminds me of our government stealing American Indian children from their parents and forcing them to live in school to force them into becoming Christians. They changed their names and wouldn’t let them speak in their native language or practice any of their customs. They were going to for them to be Christians. They crushed their parents hearts. They did it because Christians were much better people. One of those schools is not far from where I live, located between Carlisle and Harrisburg. Look at how many lives those Christians ruined.

It is as though people think being a Christian automatically makes them a good person, someone who does not hate, someone who would not hurt or kill someone, and we know that simply is not true. Christians have hurt people who want an abortion – the reason does not matter. It is their life – and they even want to stop them from getting contraceptives, as if they have the right to control other lives instead of looking at the ugliness of their own behavior.  Christians have hurt and killed gays, lesbians and transgenders – in the name of God –  because they think the Bible gives them the right to do so.  If you don’t personally behave like that, yet you look away and don’t stand up for that horrendous behavior, then you are just as bad. I am NOT saying all Christians are like that, because they aren’t. I have heard Christians stand up for the right thing.  But I have not heard of even one Buddhist using his faith to justify hurting people.  Has a Buddhist ever hurt someone? I’m sure there has, but it wasn’t done in the name of the Buddha, or because they thought the Buddhist philosophy gave them the right to be hateful. It sure doesn’t make me want to be a Christian, either.  Every Christian who has hurt people picks out phrases in the Bible to justify, in their minds, why their actions are okay.  Their reason for everything? “It’s against my religion.”  What a sad reason for atrocious behavior.

Our government – or rather the people behind the government who actually do run this country – has been using religion for a long time to control people, just like it was used long ago in England, and even before that, earlier in history.  People often believe what they are told to believe and don’t have enough common sense to question what they are told.  Anyone today who uses their religion as a way to behave in a negatively toward anyone, whether they are another race or a Syrian refugee, and still call themselves a Christian, is pathetic.

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