It is Child Abuse if a person with Mental Illness procreates?

This whole thing leaves me speechless – the cruelty of other people’s words and opinions who think it is child abuse if you choose to have children if you have been diagnosed bipolar and then slam them with vile and hateful remarks on their blog which is dedicated to people who have to contend with the mental disability of being bipolar? I was blown away by these nasty remarks. Do they think the children of people with depression and mood swings don’t love and care for their children? Do you think the people who said these things are go parents? Should they have aborted their pregnancies or should they put them up for adoption even if they wanted their babies. I am shocked and disgusted. Below the line is the reply I left on the blog that exposed the remarks of the vile creature who left them. This is a link to the The Lithium Chronicals Please go there to leave your comments of support.

Many of my writings here and at My Name Is Jamie. Life In Prison  expose, in my opinion what is wrong in our society. You aren’t required to agree with me. But If you don’t stand up and actively try to change the direction this country is headed in then you are part of the problem.

Would I want any of those people to be MY parent?? The major social ills of our society are passed down to the children by teaching them to be prejudiced about many things. Children grow up thinking it is okay to pass judgement on other people. They don’t learn it on their own. It comes from the adults in their life. The adults learned it the same way. They often learn to be hateful from their religious training in issues of gender and other issues that don’t agree with their faith, although that isn’t an absolute. Some parents just had parents of their that were negative and hateful.

People aren’t born racist and prejudiced. Children learn that it is okay to be intolerant and the children grow up to be adults like this. Sadly, not only can it not be stopped, it’s going to get worse. One reason is because the religious right is using politics to insist more and more that we use God’s law instead of the constitution to determine right and wrong. In this election year with so many professed devout Christians trying to prove they are the best Christian to run this country there are more people who think they have the right to put down people who don’t think like them – refusing to do business with gays – refusing to issue marriage licenses because it’s against their beliefs and have other people cheer them on. Our country is sick. Those in power want this kind of dissention – people turning on other people. It distracts them from the real issues.

I know I’ve gotten off the subject. I tend to rant when I’m pissed. But this is part of the bigger issue that has cultivated a generation of outspoken hate. It is often a topic I write about on my blogs.

Bipolar First Bipolar Together

That is what people on reddit have hurled at the beautiful soul that is Nicole Lyons. Nicole writes the blog The Lithium Chronicles.

If it can happen to one of us.  It can happen to any of us.

She is a brave Bipolar mama.  Putting it out there.  Being honest.  Fighting stigma.  Saving lives.

She wrote this post talking about how she did NOT feel guilty for having children.

I thought it was awesome and I tweeted her right away to tell her so.  She also made me feel brave enough to out myself as a mom on my blog although I have since taken the post down because it felt too raw to me.  Maybe I will have to put it back up for her.  I have another Bipolar parent post that I have been sitting on in which I actually quoted Nicole from her piece.

At the…

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