Weekly Blog Reviews #7

. . . .Those of you who aren’t familiar with Jason of “a opinionated man” is missing out! He also spends his time helping to give a push to over blogs. Couldn’t find a nicer guy…I think. :-))

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    1. I had to laugh because at first I believed it. I had read other articles that were just was were just as ludicrous as this one – Playing colleges as a comedian is a very well paid gig. But they will only choose comedians who won’t “offend” delicate ears, yet these same kids don’t worry about their ears after class. Teachers really have been censored because a student was offended because of subject matter. Much of it comes from the religious right. I’m not slamming Christians per se, except when it is used outside of their own personal space and affects other people’s personal space. The use of religion as a weapon has gotten especially bad this year.


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