Revised First Chapter of “Inside The Forbidden Outside” – The Window

My Name is Jamie. My Life in Prison

This is the last edit I will do to chapters once I post them here, once they are read by a reader(s) from outside and hopefully give me good constructive criticism. ( Add your two cents worth if you want to. You can’t hurt my feelings (boo-hoo) Then I will publish it on the blog set up for the book. After that, when the book is completed, it will be edited and formatted professionally. A book cover will be designed. My goal for that is June. In seeing Jamie in March. There may be more he’d like added. Before the chapter, I am putting a letter that was sent to Jamie that I want to use as a preface to the beginning of the book.

………….A Message From Someone who Cares………..

Dear Jamie,

My Name is Maesha. I’m a Canadian and I live in Toronto, Ontario. I’ve just recently ‘met’…

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