This Is Probably Going To P**s Off a Few Christians

The earth is flat

Oh well, get upset. Fighting ignorance always pisses off some people, and religion is such a touchy subject.

The Christian religion over the years has evolved into something that it never was before governments found it to be an effective means of control. I’m sure there are plenty of people who would disagree with me because they have a need in their life to feel there is an emotions driven entity in the universe “who” “loves” them. I don’t have this need. Those words are in italics because the word “who” gives God a status as a “being” rather than using the phrase “that loved them” making it impersonal.  “loves” is a emotion that is felt by flesh and blood only. When did God acquire emotions like people? It is because we gave it to “him”.

rotation of tides on the earthThis force in the universe – the rhythm in the universe that keeps everything in check – the rotation of the planets, the cause of the ebb of our tides which we couldn’t exist without, the causes we make and effects that come from it, do not come from a “who” that has the capacity of feeling love. No amount of believing it makes it so. The only real effect believing it has is that it makes you feel good. It brings you comfort, but it makes those who use religion as control a control factor feel very good.

It is us – people – who are destroying the beautiful earth we live on. Because of a handful of greedy people don’t care about the planet and insist on destroying our earth even after it became known that our resources are not unlimited – they are making the “cause” for our demise. I have had Christians tell their “loving” God will step in and fix things when it gets bad enough. Others think it is the coming of the end of the earth from the Bible.

Christians always think they have an answer and none of them are grounded in common flat earth, ancient cosmologysense. They are based on having faith in nothing concrete. But why should they be? God works in mysterious ways! At one time it probably looked mysterious because our knowledge was limited. But if you want to believe the way people believed in the past – really only a few short years ago, why don’t you still insist the world is flat?? That is what people still believed when ships left England to look for the new world. It’s silly to insist the world is flat now, but those people really believed it. We change our perception when there is nothing to support or prove our beliefs other than doggedly insisting they are true.

Christianity is based on passed down stories that have changed so many times over the centuries to fit the time along with rewriting the Bible and even taking out writings that don’t support their political agenda. But Christians have to believe it is the absolute word of God or their argument in favor of their faith falls completely apart.

Why?  Where does this need to be loved by a god come from?  There have been so many gods throughout many thousands of years and every single one of them were worshiped and were believed to be true. (subject for another post) There was no knowledge about the world like we have today. People looked at the sun as a god. People today, even though there is greater understanding of the universe, still use the lack of knowledge people used to have and try to apply it today, even adding extra powers to God that people in the past never used.

Because the sun was God (which is where the worship of Sun Day came from), people feared the sun. It controlled their life. It’s warmth grew their crops. The sun rose and it fell. Days got shorter and longer. There was no concept that the earth was round. During the beginning of this age, which coincided with the supposed birth of Jesus, people were completely sure the world was flat.

Can you imagine what people thought when the world flooded and how they pictured it with a flat earth? (The source credit for the photo up top is Where did the water go at the edge? How could the water build up when there was nothing holding it in?  Of course, it had to be a God that made it happen. Put yourself in their place. Imagine how they pictured things in their mind. They weren’t stupid, they just didn’t have our knowledge. But people today still insist on thinking like people from long ago. Our capacity to understand is so much greater than in that time period.

Why? I’m sure people never talked about the Sun God as if it “loved” them. They were afraid of things they didn’t understand. So they worshiped this “God” out of fear – not out of love. Even as recent as just hundreds of years ago God was something to be feared. The Catholic church made sure of it. Fear of God and going to hell if you sinned was drilled into people. Fire and brimstone was the common theme of sermons. They did not “feel love” from this God of the Catholic church which needed to control people because that helped the control of politicians.


The info below came from an article written by Bernard Starr  and published 5/20/2013.  It is quite interesting.

Decree of the Council of Toulouse (1229 C.E.): “We prohibit also that the laity should be permitted to have the books of the Old or New Testament; but we most strictly forbid their having any translation of these books.”

Ruling of the Council of Tarragona of 1234 C.E.: “No one may possess the books of the Old and New Testaments in the Romance language, and if anyone possesses them he must turn them over to the local bishop within eight days after promulgation of this decree, so that they may be burned…”

Proclamations at the Ecumenical Council of Constance in 1415 C.E.: Oxford professor, and theologian John Wycliffe, was the first (1380 C.E.) to translate the New Testament into English to “…helpeth Christian men to study the Gospel in that tongue in which they know best Christ’s sentence.” For this “heresy” Wycliffe was posthumously condemned by Arundel, the archbishop of Canterbury. By the Council’s decree “Wycliffe’s bones were exhumed and publicly burned and the ashes were thrown into the Swift River.”

Fate of William Tyndale in 1536 C.E.: William Tyndale was burned at the stake for translating the Bible into English. According to Tyndale, the Church forbid owning or reading the Bible to control and restrict the teachings and to enhance their own power and importance.


Most people never even saw a Bible their entire life and would not have been able to read it if they did. People were deliberately not taught to read. They were kept ignorant. Having a Bible was punishable. Only monks were allowed bibles. Even today – especially today – people who control our government know people are susceptible to being controlled by using religion to control them. People are still “dumbed down” for better control of the masses. There is definitely a political religious agenda.

Even with the recent finding of the notes and structure of what they think is the original King James “version” of the Bible, showing the manipulation of the books and that many people translated it, using their own understanding, Christians still insist every single word in the Bible is God’s actual word and believe every single word is true. How gullible is that?

war on Christmas
source credit:

Look at what is happening.  The media is used, so people will believe there is a “war on Christmas” and “Christians are being attacked”. Fox News says so and repeats it over and over until it becomes true. People in the media are paid to stoke the fire continually, and enough people sheepishly follow right along. Politicians have to declare they are Christians, as though that makes them good people. They pretend to believe and go to church every week, whether they believe or not. What a farce. “We are a Christian nation!” “We are one nation under God”, people proclaim. Legislation that was approved July 11, 1955, making  it mandatory that the words  “In God We Trust” had to be printed on all coins and paper money of the US. By Act of July 30, 1956, “In God We Trust” became the national motto of the United States.  Until then it was on and off our money at different times.  People today think it was always there – we were always a Christian nation –  but we weren’t.  This is the shoving of religion down our throats.  It was of no concern that there are other religions practiced. We-Are-Not  “One nation under God, and if you practiced a different religion you would feel very disrespected.

What started this rant today, (if you have managed to keep up with me) are two facebook posts I read this morning. One said, writing about a relative who died and was “going to” heaven and God’s “loving arms” were wrapped around her, really believing this Sun God she worshiped had enveloped her. Since belief in God was initially because of the sun, when did that change? It a different God that is worshiped now.

The second post was asking people to join him at a service to “feel the loving hands of God upon them”. Really? I mean, REALLY? These people were going to sit and convince themselves they “feel” it? Everyone else will say they feel it, too. They have to or they won’t be sincere Christians. “I feel his hands on me now! Praise the Lord! Can I get an amen on that?” And give me your money. I need to buy a new house – for the Lord, of course.

I can say confidently that devout Christians have not studied the origin of religion. They have been told it’s blasphemous and God will be angry and punish you for not believing. Serious Christians don’t study other religions and their origins because God will get jealous. (another human emotion). He won’t tolerate “thinking” you might have put another God before him. In his anger he would get really pissed off. He might send you a plague. And if you’re gay he might drop a hurricane on your head. So that scares you away from studying other religions or from doubting him for even a second. After all, you want your mansion in the sky, just like Muslims want their 17 virgins to f**k. Exactly which one is more absurd??

God is NOT a thinking entity no matter how much you believe that is true. But to change your mind now and start using your brain and think this through would mean you’d have to face your friends and family, which most people don’t have the guts to do. My mother did, when she was 65. She knew the Christian religion did not have the answers to explain life. She was afraid to tell people. It took 6 months to tell her pastor she was leaving the church. Then she had to tell her lifelong friends she was no longer going to try and pretend to believe in something she knew had no power to change her life – but she did. She was afraid of the reaction from her friends. They didn’t care. For most people, the attraction to church are the activities. The togetherness. That is all I experienced growing up. Actually living the teachings to have a better life starts and stops on Sun Day. The rest of the week you do what you want because your sins are absolved on the weekend.

In the past, believing a God existed did not include the concept that he loved us, and people didn’t pray for him to fix their problems. He was worshiped out of fear of what would happen if they didn’t. The concept of a loving, benevolent God is something that evolved in the more recent past of hundreds of years because we needed something bigger than ourselves who was capable of hearing our prayers for help. Good luck with that.

So why do you need to have a God in your life? . . .Blog posts and news about injustice in the world

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  1. I followed you rant on Christians and on God right through, and I’m left this throught why does Sonni rant so against Christians and God, and so often too ? Rant if you must, but for me it won’t be authentic until you have read the Bible right through and then voice your opinion about God and the Christian faith you so seem to despise, and that you were once a part of.
    You are misinformed and in my opinion misguided. And I am not “p…off” by your ranting and raving, just puzzled, and disappointed that you are missing out on so much. Forgive those who have disappointed you, and get over your synicism. God is love, and He loves you Sonni, stop ranting, and get to know Him.. He is real !

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    1. Where did you read that I “despised” Christians? Wow. I don’t think that was mentioned at all. In fact, many of my friends and family “say” they are Christians, although I don’t see where the teachings in the Bible affect how they live their lives. Aside from “maybe” going to church, possibly on religious holidays, Christianity is about wanting to live on after death in hopefully a better place and if they can love this unseen entity and do the right things by worshiping, they can get there. Actually applying the teachings is separate. For instance, the concept of you reap what you sow – cause and effect and how it applies to where you are in your life Right Now. How those causes developed your perception of life over time. Or how the causes you make today by your thoughts, words and actions affect your future. I have talked to many Christians about why they are Christians and how they apply their faith to their daily life to become better people aside from praying to God for him to change things I in their life. Most prayers, when people need to pray come at a time when there is something difficult in their life they need to overcome, otherwise they don’t pray. Of course, that is lumping everyone together and I know there are people who are sincere about their faith. They are the exception to the rule. I’ll ask you the number one question I ask people – Why do you believe in God? The most common response is dead silence. Then, because they need to answer they say, “Because that is what I was taught.” Straight across the board, at least 90% of the time that is the answer. After that comes the justifications. Their family is Christian. They always prayed before meals. They said prayers before bed asking God to keep them safe, etc. The more something is repeated – in all matters – it becomes truth. When I ask what they do today, using their faith, to become better people,: most people have no answer at all. They don’t even think about God unless they have a problem. Whether their prayer seemed to affect the outcome or not is not important. If the outcome is positive they may thank God, if it is not good then some may say, “It’s the lord’s will. He’s testing me with this hardship, or some other reason. Go can’t lose. We have justifications as to why the prayer wasn’t answered.

      Why do you assume I haven’t read the Bible all the way through? Now,does that make my rant authentic? You say I’m “misinformed” prove it, out it is just an opinion. Don’t quote me Bible verses. Step back and give me something authentic that is more recent than thousands of years old. Because the truth they thought they understood then and passed that down through generations with each telling becoming enhanced and changed, like the Bible has been enhanced and changed – is no proof at all.

      I understand – this is the faith you want to be the truth. It may give you comfort thinking there is an entity that hears your every thought and has a plan for your life (which I think is absurd) Maybe you love the thought of being reunited with family in heaven. Bottom line, everyone has the the right to believe whatever they want . . . AS long as they don’t condemn or hurt people who don’t believe what they believe in. Christians are very good at that – God hates fags or people who angrily condemn women for wanting an abortion. You might not like that and it wouldn’t be your choice -or mine- but you don’t have a right to force your choice on other people. That is wrong. You might say, “The Bible says . . .”, but so what. Mind your OWN business. Take care of your own life. Christians throuhout the centuries have thought they had the right to force people to bend to their choice.

      Lastly, you missed the entire point of what I wrote. That is obvious, because you manipulated to make it read that I despised Christians. No Carol, this is against the authorities who “used” people’s need for a God, and their fear of God, to manipulate them for power. Your belief in God stems from that manipulation that began many hundreds of years ago. It was a way to control people. I supplied times in history where this actually happened, but still you say I’m misinformed. You can LET yourself even entertain the thought that what I’m saying is true or it will rock your entire belief system. Would you rather keep believing in something you could find, by your own search, is false? Or would you rather search for the truth that you probably never searched for in the first place? Were you one that just believed what you were told. Are you only one whose searching was a validation of what you believed by talking only to those who would agree with you? What have you done to actually prove to yourself your faith was real? Anything?

      Trust me, I am NOT missing out on anything. I have spent more years studying this issue than you have spent reading the Bible. God – as you picture him – is only real in your head. To you, he is “out there”. It is what you were taught. You were taught that he “loves” you. You chose to believe that. It doesn’t make it real.

      “Forgive those so disappointed me??” Where did you dig that up from? That makes no sense whatsoever.

      Come back to me after you have begun your own search for truth -with trying to validate your beliefs. Search with an open mind. I am willing to continue this conversation if you can be honest with yourself and leave behind preconceived ideas. Leave behind thinking that somehow I’m missing out on love from this God who doesn’t exist the way you think he does. You are capable having deeper thought than blind faith. Ask yourself where your faith originated in your life. I don’t put down the people who believe in Christianity and I do not despise you. There are many confused people out there who have never asked themselves, why? Even if at they end and you still chose Christianity you will at least be choosing it based on evidence, not on passed down hearsay. You game?

      I apologize. I misread one thing you said. You didn’t say I despised Christians – it was about the Christian faith. I don’t despise the faith any more than I despise the tooth fairy not being real. I despise the authority who manipulates it for their own purpose which also leads people to hate and hurt people of other religions.


    2. Carol, I accidentally delayed your last reply and my response and couldn’t get it back. I didn’t want to think I ignored it.

      I believe it is important, when you want to believe in something, that you examine it from all points to determine if that belief is wishful thinking because you “want” it to be true, or because it makes you feel good believing it. As for believing the Bible is the word of God when there is so much proof of the many times it has been changed and you still want to think that is strange indeed. All you have is passed down word of man used in various ways for control of the people. That is fact There are always two sides to every story. Every single one – depending on the person telling it. You can take any happening in life and have it seen by ten people and if you ask each one to describe it you will get ten different stories. If you take these stories in the Bible that were passed down for many hundreds of years and 5x more generations, with those in power using it for manipulation, you have greatly different stories. After all those years – the end result – you want to believe it as the absolute true word of God without question. Why? Because you want it to be true. You need it to be true. If you question it, you believe there will be repercussions. Maybe god will get mad. Maybe he’ll make something bad happen to you.

      You didn’t go to the links I provided. You didn’t really read what I wrote. The parts you might have read was only done so while you were deciding how to rebut what I said.

      You tell me to stop ranting, but what do you call what you are doing? You call what I write synicism. It is not in the least. I gave you facts in our history But what is it called when someone won’t go near information that differs from their belief? Fear

      You have the right to believe anything you want. It is a personal choice we all have. But if you refuse to contemplate the other side of story because, God forbid, it might incite a quest to continue to search for truth instead of just believing outright, without question, what you were taught, then don’t come here and tell me to stop ranting. I assure you, I won’t. I am not misinformed.

      Since this seems to be so important to you then answer my questions. 1. Why do you believe in God – and the Christian religion, since there are many religions that include a God in them. 2. What comparative study have you done to determine if what you think is truth – or do you just believe it is truth without question because you want it to be true,which is naive? Your “opinion” about me being misguided – implies you have studied. That opinion doesn’t mean much if you only read things that agree with you. If I don’t hear back from you then the truth isn’t important. If you would like to continue this conversation then take it away from the emotional aspect of love and into the the realm of proof. You should be able to prove your belief.

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