The ZIPF Mystery

Very interesting play on words and understanding language and other phenomena in life.


  1. The best part about this is what it means for linguists and code breakers. Both have used this information in order to decipher writing from dead languages or learn secrets others wanted to hide.

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    1. I find things like this to be so interesting. The fact that it applies in so many other scenarios in life makes it even more so. Life runs on math – on a rhythm. Spring, Summer Autumn and Winter. Birth, aging sickness and death – over and over. Music is math. Language is math. Everything is in some form of pattern. That is why – for me – I don’t give a mystical God credence for what happens in my life. There is a reason for everything. I don’t believe in miracles or luck, either. There can’t be an effect without a cause. That goes against reason. There are things we don’t have the individual capacity to understand but that doesn’t mean then that a god did it. Thousands of years ago we had so little understanding of anything scientific. We’ve grown since then. If we keep applying the lack of understanding we had then to life today then it asks us to believe in things that can’t possibly be – all for the sake of tradition – and fear. We should never give up the quest to understand, and let go those things we know don’t make sense to us now.


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