7 thoughts on “A Father’s Fight to Win Back His Daughter Secretly Put Up for Adoption

    1. Look. Yes, sometimes all they are is sperm donors and I have heard men refer to women as egg donors. There are more men than women that shun taking responsibility for the children they bring into the world but there are many of both sexes who should never be parents. But should they have to give up the right to ever know how those children are doing? I think that hurts the kids more in the long run to think one parent didn’t love them. This little girl was fortunate to have a father who fought for her. But still, the adoptive parent lost a baby they loved. I hope they are allowed to know how she is doing.


    2. One more thing. Because there are people who should never have kids -alcohol, drugs, violence and abuse – this is why we can do away with abortion. This kids don’t necessarily get adopted out and by the time the kids get taken away and go through the foster care system it’s too late for them. A good childhood is beyond their reach. Most of them end up in prison.


    1. There is still a long way to go for fathers to have equal rights. Friends of mine – not married – had a beautiful blond baby girl 2years ago. She took a pain killer for bad labor pains on the way to the hospital – the same one my daughter’s Dr told her to take. After my friend’s baby was born the mother’s blood treated that she had the pain killer in her system but the baby did not. Before the baby was one day old CPS took her baby away. No what she did – no matter what requirement she fulfilled they couldn’t get her back. Because they weren’t married they said there was no proof he was the father. They were ridiculed in court. The DNA test was more than they could afford. The foster mother wanted to keep the baby and lied saying she knew the mother was using drugs. I put up a fundraiser to try and raise money for an attorney The court found out and accused her of trying to profit off her baby and if she ever had contact with me again she’d never get her baby back. This is a woman I’ve known for 12 years. The father kept saying, “What about me? I want my daughter”. They brushed him off like he was a piece of dirt. Two years she got pregnant again. They told her if she didn’t sign papers giving up all rights to her daughter they’d take the new baby away as soon as it was born. They had no choice. You can not win against child protective services. Look it up. So the foster mother adopts their daughter. They left the state. The foster mother has a facebook page. Her friends are telling her that her “daughter” is looking more like her every day. She agrees. CPS gets paid $30k for every child they kidnap and $40k if they adopt the child out. Of course there are many children who need to be removed from their home – BUT – CPS has absolutely no govt oversight and since therthere is so much money to be made they snatch them right at the hospital from people they know don’t have the resources to fight back. If you do a little reading you will find this happens with regularity and no one can stop it.


      1. I have read so many stories after what happened to my friend. You think someone will help and they don’t. They string you along making you believe if you do this one last thing they will give you your child(ren) back and they won’t. In the end they flat out told them they will never get their baby back. It was crushing. They couldn’t afford an attorney. I read a lot of stories on facebook. CPS watches them and threatens them if they talk about their case. They don’t want the public to know. I know there are people who would say that is unbelievable, but it isn’t. It’s all true. It’s a money racket based on selling kids – any kids they can get their hands on – even ones with good parents.


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