What Does The Bible Say About This?

I have some questions I wish someone would answer.  I’m trying to decide if I want to go to heaven.
What would life be without challenges? Are there any challenges in heaven or are we done with all that? It is easy to say, if we got everything we wanted in life it would be very boring. If we didn’t have to work to improve our life or our talents, it would be no fun.  If it all came easy, there would be no feeling of accomplishment. That is how I view heaven and why I would never want to go there when I try to imagine what I have heard about the place.

bearI relate life to the song, “The Bear Went Over the Mountain” and what do you think he saw?  He saw another mountain. If there were no more mountains to climb there would be no more lessons to learn, and you might as well park it in front of your TV and let someone else’s life and let their problems entertain you until you are tired enough to go to sleep.  BORING.

I think heaven would be very boring without challenges to overcome and things to learn. Is there any mention in the Bible of being able to go to school in heaven, or do we automatically know everything about everything and everyone there all knows the same stuff, too?  No one is smarter than anyone else?  No one has a different talent?  Can everyone play the piano?  If there isn’t a piano there I don’t want to go.  Or do we all just sit around in the grass and feeling happy?  I get a lot of enjoyment from learning new things and if I can’t do that in heaven I’d be pretty upset – and bored.  Do we just sit around adoring God and feeding his over large ego who says – “There shall be no Gods before me or I’ll through a plague or something at you.”  Sounds pretty insecure to me.

This is part of my problem with Christianity.  I’d have an easier time accepting it except for the human feelings and emotions of love and hate that are given to him. He also sounds extremely selfish and definitely only loving when he feels like it. “You didn’t worship me enough today.  I didn’t see you at my feet.  Where were you?”

We are supposed to be able to see God in heaven right?  There are a lot of people up there.  It should be crowded, except for all of these really good people who helped people and cared for the sick and loved the animals, but they were atheists and Buddhists and Christian scientists (they are a little weird) and yes, Muslims and wiccans and pagans and they all had to go to hell.  There are a whole bunch more of all these people than there are Christians because Christianity is not the number one religion in the world and yet they can’t go to heaven.  But a really bad person can repent at the end and he gets to go!  Maybe he doesn’t get all the same perks as someone who was a believer their whole life.  What does the Bible say about that?

Since there are many many planets and we aren’t even at the center of everything, and there are also many solar systems we know nothing about, and we amount to a piece of dust,  the chance of other types of life are probably out there.  So how come God has human “feelings”?  Or is he a different god to other species?  I think people have attached these human qualities out of a need to be protected and loved.  I practice Nichiren Buddhism as many of you already know.  We DO BELIEVE there is power in the universe.  It’s as real as the tides and the cycle of life – birth, aging, sickness and death that all life goes through.  We just don’t give it emotions.  We don’t need to have it love us.  To me that seems silly.  I read a bunch of posters on facebook that has God saying this and that and feeling this and that and you know darn well he never said any of it.  It is a human being projecting their own feelings on what they think God would have said.  Now, I may be pissing off a few people, but I have to deal with so much stuff on Christianity printed online so you can deal with this from me.  If you continue reading you just might learn something useful.

Tell me about these mansions we are to live in – are they self cleaning? Do we just go outside mansion in heavenand play? What good is having a mansion if we don’t cook in it, because we can’t eat because then we have to poop and then we would need plumbing and plumbers to keep them fixed. I doubt we need to sleep so what do we do all night?  Or is there even night and day?  What the hell do we do all day?  I need answers!

Are there any new books being written? I love to read.  I just have so many questions about what we do for eternity because it really is a long time. And after all the people we knew and were close to have died, and they have gone to either heaven or hell, then there would be no new people to greet. No new babies to cuddle or birthday cakes to make. No new friends – unless we make friends of other people up there? Any mention of these things in the Bible?

Please – someone tell me – what do we do for eternity in heaven where the skies are always blue and the birds always sing and harps never need to be tuned or repaired? I hear a lot from Christians about going to heaven when they die but I have never heard one person tell me what happens after we get there! If you have the answer, tell me. If no one knows, I have no intention on going. I think I will instead reincarnate into another life so I can continue on my growth. I’d rather use the wisdom I am gaining and move to a higher stage of development so I can help other people overcome the problems in their life.  I want to be able to use what I am learning for a better purpose.

Our life is one big cause and effect. 100%. We can’t pick and choose what we want and have it magically be there. We have to work for it. I think everyone can agree on that. It has to happen because we made a cause for it. We have to make a plan and fight through all the setbacks until we accomplish it. We have to be responsible for the effect of our causes. We can’t chose to not be affected by our causes just like we can’t choose when we want to be affected by gravity. Gravity doesn’t work only part of the time. If we jump off a building we are going to smack the ground. That is cause and effect.

life is an echo, you reap what you sowIn the Bible it teaches  “You reap what you sow”. What does that mean to you? How much time have you given to thinking about that? Do you apply it to everything you do?  Do you think before you act? It’s the same thing as the law of cause and effect.  Buddhist or Christian it is the exact same thing.  So either you are responsible or you aren’t. If you come back and say God gives you free will then doesn’t that blow his plan to pieces? Or does he keep readjusting the plan depending on the causes you make. That is confusing. Either he has a plan or he doesn’t. You don’t reap what you sow part of the time – you reap it all of the time. It is the basis for all you do because you have to live with the effects.  We get back what we dish out. What goes around come around. We all have karma, made by what you think, say and do. Hundreds of years ago they took any mention of the word karma out of the bible. Why? In order to control the people who could neither read nor right.  They had to be afraid of going to hell. If they knew they didn’t have to fear the wrath of God they would have less control. I’m not making this up. This is history.
why do you believe what you believe.

Have you ever really asked yourself why you believe what you do? Seriously? I have. When I was young – up until age 18 I believed what I was taught to believe. Everyone around me believed the same thing. A lot of them even went to the same church I did. There was also Monday evening catechism class, Girl Scouts on Tuesday, Wednesday afternoon bible school and Thursday evening choir practice, Sunday school and Church. We were in the church a lot. That was in addition to my parents activities and pot lucks and Luther league. Church was a big part of our life and I had a good time. I had my Sunday clothes and shoes and after church we always had a big Sunday dinner where everyone sat around the table. We had all of our dinners together. Aside from the religion itself, I came from a time when families acted like a family. We were taught table manners and never talked back to our elders. We never even THOUGHT about talking back to our elders. Showing respect was a big thing. Once that was lost it is easy to see the effect on families today.

But back to religion – it was all for show.  It had nothing to do with what was taught during the sermons.  Everyone believed in God because it was what you were taught.  You never learned anything else. That DOES NOT make it valid. When you question what you’re taught and start to think for yourself, you finally say, this doesn’t make sense.  You realize it is only something passed doesn’t through the ages, like gossip, changing here and there depending on the capacity of the people’s understanding at the time.

angry godSome people are afraid to not believe just in case God gets angry and causes bad things to happen. Some people believe because they want a place like heaven to exist because the are either afraid of dying or because they don’t want to exist.  Some people believe because they are afraid of what people will say.  Some people believe because it’s easier and they don’t want to have to learn anything else.  And . . . I can’t leave these people out . . . some people believe because they really do and they try hard to live by what they are taught.  I understand and respect that choice. There are many good things taught in the bible. You will find many of the same things in the Sutras – the teachings of Shakamuni Buddha.

What I have little respect for are the Christians who say they are Christian but it doesn’t effect their behavior. They say they believe in God but it doesn’t change anything. They think believing is all they need to do. Ask for forgiveness and keep on doing the same thing.

I’ve gone on a bit of a rant. But I’m serious about wanting to know what it is you believe happens in heaven because I seriously have no clue.  So if you can tell me I’d appreciate it.  Then again, if no one can answer my questions or give me anything more than what you think is up there and can’t back it up then I’ll just considerate it hearsay and whole lot of wishful thinking.

As a Buddhist I believe heaven and hell is life condition we live – not some place we go when we die. http://sgi-usa.org


  1. What you said>The hypocrisy between what was taught and the actions of the church goers.
    I am remembering what the dude said about this one.He said something like, if you turn the non believers away from the man upstairs because of your action, you be in deep dodo.
    Only a few get to go <Yeah, I am remembering something the dude said. Something to do with going through a needle hole or something? Gosh, it's been years since I last read the bible.
    Again I ask,
    Have you noticed anything about the old testament and the new testament? Noticed any difference between the 2?

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    1. It’s the “only a few get to go” reasoning that bothers me. It should bother everyone. There is no place “to go”. Heaven and hell are conditions you experience while living, not some place you go when you die. people want there to be a place like that but no one has yet to tell me anything concrete where it is even written what it will be like in this heaven. It’s all guessing what we would like it to be. Going to a perfect place where there are no problems, no dynamics, no changes – FOR ETERNITY – that would be hell.

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    1. Could be. Everyone has what they think is there so they have something to look forward to. What I’m looking for is something more concrete. Since everything is supposed to be in the bible I want to to know what scripture has to say – and something more than just a line about mansions. A rich person wouldn’t be too thrilled with a mansion. I want to know what we are to do all day. What is the reality of heaven?

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        1. Honestly I think most people have no idea. They have this general idea that it must be some kind of utopia like a Thomas Kinkaid painting or if you do a image search on fantasy wallpaper images you can find colorful paintings of fantasy images of mansions in the clouds. People want to think there is an escape from the drudgery of their life and go to a perfect place where there are are no problems All they have to do is worship a vengeful God with an ego problem. I don’t mean to belittle what you might believe in. We all have choices and sometimes people don’t question what they were told was the truth. But I don’t but it. I never could. If someone couldn’t answer a question they always chalked it up to “God works in mysterious ways!” So I’ll keep asking, “What happens in heaven?” until someone can tell me more than what they hope it is It should be in the Bible somewhere, don’t you think?

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        2. No worries about the belittling! Worship a vengeful God, interesting! Have you noticed anything about the old testament and the new testament? Noticed any difference between the 2?
          About what happens in heaven. Still no idea Trying to remember what the bible says about heaven. The only mention was from this dude, you know the one who got murdered? Nailed on a wooden beam? Anyway, I remember him saying something like, You shall be sitting next to me and father. This is the only mention of heaven from him. Never have seen him saying what heaven looks like?

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        3. So people make up things. All I hear is that
          people want to go to heaven when they die. Why? Is it because they want to think their life doesn’t end and want to think there is this wonderful Thomas Kincaid painting to
          live in? I left the church whenI was 18 because of the hypocrisy between what was taught and the actions of the church goers.
          It was a relief to get away. When I was 23 I tried again -seriously – for two years I have it everything I had. Emmersed myself in it.
          In the end I still got no answers to my questions. It all fell back on “The Lord works in mysterious ways” That answer is a cop
          out because no one has an answer. So I left the church again. During that two year stretch I remember telling my mother that I
          was believing in God again because it was better to be safe than sorry -just in case. From age 25 to 34 I considered myself
          agnostic. I didn’t know and really didn’t care. 5 times someone talked to me about Nichiren Buddhism. There different sects of
          Buddhism just like Christianity, each one taking a piece and saying they are right and everyone else is wrong when actually they
          are all connected. A lot of Christian teachings come straight out of Buddhist teachings from a much earlier time. Where
          do you think Jesus was during the 20 years he traveled? At age 34 I decided to take a serious look at what Nichiren Buddhist said.
          I found the answers to my questions and there were no mysterious ways happening. It made sense. No being bestowing benefits
          or hardships at you depending on his will. Belief in heaven that is perfect that only certain people of certain beliefs can get into?
          With all the people all over world with many faiths and only a few get to go, and if you are Jehovah’s Witness only 100,000 of them get
          to go, and only if are knocking on doors and witnessing at the time of rapture. How silly that sounds. So Ill keep asking around and
          see if ANYONE knows what heaven is. I’m 61 now. I still study and work to apply it to my life. No guesswork. No mysterious ways. No belief in something that can’t is existence that “needs” to be worshipped. Sorry. I got a little carried away!

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    2. I asked a woman I know, not online, what she thought. I know she has deep faith in Christianity. Her belief is we aren’t there in body, just spiritually. So I asked her about the streets of gold, mansions and how we get people, because I heard if we were sick on earth we would be well. What would that matter if we didn’t have a body? So there is conflicting ideas. I think there should be one answer about heaven. The problem is, the Bible isn’t very clear about it. If it is important to you to get there I would think you’d want to be sure what it was. Eternity is a very long time

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        1. Absolutely. It’s the only time we can make the causes to change something. Once we’re dead we’re stuck with the effects of everything we did!


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