NYC Sends $30M a Year to School With History of Giving Kids Electric Sh

……It makes me angry and it hurts my heart to see children being abused, often with the parent not understanding where they are putting their child or it is a last resort because they’ve tried everything. Much of this problem is caused by the lack of mental services. How can it be that this is true? After closing down facilities years ago and not providing an alternative, what options do people have?  If a city is recommending a place for you to send your kids when you have no other options shouldn’t you be able to trust that the place is not going to torture your kids?  Since what they receive is definitely not help, what happens when these children become adults?  Where do they go when they are unable too to get get their lives together?  They go to PRISON.  That is where they can continue to be tortured and no one will see the torturers.

Please read this entire article to fully understand how serious it is. . . .Blog posts and news about injustice in the world

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