Black Genocide: Planned Parenthood’s Evil Roots

margaret  Sanger
Margaret Sanger 1883-1966

I was astounded I didn’t know this.  All my life I thought planned parenthood was a good thing because it helped people get birth control, and had clinics to help woman with female issues, especially people who couldn’t afford to go to a doctor.  When the video came to light recently, with a woman talking about the selling of body parts, and crushing other body parts to get the one they wanted, I thought it had to be someone who had twisted it or taken it out of context, possibly for political reasons because it was to terrible to believe.  When I saw negativity about it on my Facebook I even told someone to make sure they examined all sides before promoting something like that without knowing if it was even true,  The problem was, I hadn’t done the research, either, and assumed it had to be a mistake.

Earlier this week someone I know, a black woman, brought up the issue and her disgust with Margaret Sanger surprised me.  The things she told me disgusted me, but it seemed she knew what she talking about.  Today I saw a political poster with Hillary Clinton PRAISING THIS WOMAN’S VISION.  I knew it was time to do a little research and find out exactly what Margaret Sanger’s vision was.

If YOU don’t know, go to this link:   See if you agree with Sanger’s vision like Clinton does.  But too be clear, voting in the newest member of the Bush dynasty would be as equality catastrophic.  Since presidents don’t run the country anyway, we are pretty much screwed.

14 thoughts on “Black Genocide: Planned Parenthood’s Evil Roots

  1. It seems much more has come to light about that video. It was proven it was years in the making – intentionally to discredit pp and defund them. Yes, the original premise seems disgusting – but that isn’t why conservatives want to defund it. It is for control – but in an area that has nothing to do with what is good for our country – it is about control and about control of women and their bodies. To be so malicious – piece together and omit and twist things for an agenda that gets brought out and paraded around every election. My thoughts regarding Clinton are the same. She is a political liar just like the rest of them.


  2. You’re right. Planned parenthood is rooted in the Eugenics movement and the Eugenics movement was a Progressive idea. I was recently re-reading “A Generation Of Vipers” by Phillip Wylie who was a 20th Century Progressive and writer. “A Generation of Vipers” was written during World War 2. In between cursing The AMA for interfering with National Health Care and cursing businessmen for contributing to the evils of the Axis Powers he bemoans the fact that we don’t euthanize Idiots but keep them alive to let them suffer. I plan to write a post about it.

    I want to point out that political movements and political parties are not stagnant. The current incarnation of the Republican Party could not be more removed from the Progressive Party of Lincoln…by the same token the current incarnation of the Democratic Party bears no resemblance to the party that fought for “States Rights” in the 1800’s.

    We are surrounded by a conspiracy to distract.

    The video shows people discussing what they think of as body parts. And cadavers capture a handsome price on the open market.

    While we are looking at planned parenthood we also need to wonder why the Republican Party is so insistent on controlling the reproductive organs of women of color and the poor.

    Wealthy women have always had access to safe abortions. The rich woman’s unplanned pregnancy will not produce a child who will be hungry, nor will it disrupt her education or force her to remain in a life of poverty.

    While we are rightly shocked at the amorality of selling fetuses, let us also be shocked at a political party that casually accepts imposing hunger and poverty on the lives it says are so precious to it.

    And let us see how imposing artificial poverty on a class of people also has its roots it in the evil
    of Eugenics

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    1. You wrote exactly what I would have. You could actually use this reply as a post. What you said about using distractions and people buy into that is so right. I also think that if they can do that then people can’t pay attention to the other things they are doing. any person is for the candidates that are running on both sides are just buying into the rhetoric they say and never getting to the bottom of who these people are and who they actually represent they would never vote for them. Hillary is a pariah and Bush would be a puppet and they rest of them are bought and paid for and scary to think of as president.


  3. I must admit, that I’m surprised more people don’t know these sorts of things. Pretty much all forms of birth control and abortion have their roots in racism and eugenics. It doesn’t mean that good can’t come out of birth control or abortion, but it does mean that we have to be cautious about those professing to control our options for our own good. And yes, research is key.

    For the record; Vote the Disney ticket; Mickey and Goofy would screw up the country less than ALL our current choices for president.

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    1. lol I agree. I was talking about PP with someone yesterday. He said that yes, it really did get it’s start that way but has gone on to do good things. He said the video was heavily edited but I don’t have any info on that yet.

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  4. Of course, typically racially disgusting ideologies, the truth almost lost in history once a smokescreen titled ‘birth control’ is thrown out there. This is no different histories of the Latter Days Saints etc. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Hi there long time no see. I’ve known about PP all my life and never knew this so I was quite shocked. The fact they are blowing it off as some kind mistake taken out of context makes it worse And if I didn’t know it that means many people don’t. Hilary Clinton is praising this woman’s “vision” What does that tell you? When is on the web for anyone to read I hope someone buries her in this election!

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      1. Yah long time. Been a bit busy helping my brother prepare and get married. Maybe Hillary wants us to ignore the negative and see the positive because it champions gender rights issues. It’s no excuse though.


      2. People who vote for her because she’s a woman and because theyhave not researched her Idology are going to be just as disappointed when she doesn’t produce as Obama. She is bought and paid for and will do as she’s told. People are ignorant most of the time.


      3. Please believe me. She is not who she says she is. But the only thing worse than a Clinton comeback is electing another Bush. Clinton is another war hawk who lies depending on how the wind blows. The US is screwed unless we can get out from underneath the choice of either dem or repub

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