Noam Chomsky on American Imperialism

Most Americans don’t want to think they are easily led like sheep to believe the propaganda thrown at them on a daily basis through the media. We want to believe our country is good – helping others who need us. We think we also have to defend our freedom and way of life, often from countries we try to control.

It’s so easy to see how easy it is to lead some people around by the nose. Inside our country watching the frantic bandwagon jumping affecting people who previously had no real interest in the Confederate flag, who now, because of the media, have joined in on this MOST important issue of all time! Led like sheep. Sensationalism sells.

I have a young grandson who says he is enlisting in the marines when he finished his last year of highschool and has also started pre-training every day. Although he has a love of football and was hopeful of receiving a scholarship he realized it was doubtful. He won’t play his last year in fear of getting hurt and being rejected by the marines. Be young and having no real understanding of our reasons for war, and like many young people having no way to pay for an education and no job opportunities in his small town, he feels this is his best chance. If he was fighting to defend our freedom it would be one thing, but he won’t be. He will be fighting for America’s domination and because war makes some people very rich. I’m scared the grandson who comes back won’t be the wide eyed, optimistic grandson who leaves.

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