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It’s become a day to get together and have a BBQ, gather with family and friends, show a few flags ( maybe), party and watch fireworks. Also, you get a day off work. But what this celebration means, really, is totally lost.

We originally left England because of religious persecution. England declared that only one faith could be practiced and if you didn’t agree to that they made your life hell. So some people left in boats and went to Holland where they enjoyed religious freedom. They eventually sailed to America to the land Columbus discovered, although he really didn’t discover it because there were a great number of people living here. We had to run them off their land to conquer it, kill them because we considered them savages and continue to persecute and marginalize them to this very day. We thought they would be better if we could turn them into Christians, stole their children, changed their names, wouldn’t allow them to speak their own language or practice their faith.  We forced them off their lands, which you can read about in ” The Trail of Tears” which you should already know about if you are American.

Along the way we wanted to be “independent” from England, which became the name of our holiday. But what we fought for was for naught. We turned into the oppressors we ran from. We started out as country that was founded on the separation of church and state so we wouldn’t be like the country  we left.  It took less than 200 years to forget that and we started down the slippery slope we find ourselves on now.

Now the South  is fighting the war between the states again. People who never thought about the Confederate flag now have to have a cellphone cover with the flag on it. Get over it. You lost the war. Sorry if no one ever told you. There is only flag and it is supposed to stand for Every Single Citizen. Period.

In the mid 1900’s it was decided to add “In God We Trust” to our money, add “One Nation Under God” to our pledge to the flag, the government started having prayer breakfasts and every president and politician had to declare themselves to be a sincere practicing Christian whether they are our not.  You have to be Christian to be elected. Isn’t that oppression? There has been a lot of talk of President Obama being a Muslim as though it is akin to being the devil. In America we think all Muslims are terrorists. In Iraq they probably think all Christians are terrorists, too.  There are people in every faith who use that faith for power and control and America is right up there with the worst of them.

Contrary to some people’s opinion, and no matter how many times you declare it to be so,  America is NOT a Christian nation. There are millions of practicing Buddhists, of which I am one. There are people who declare no faith at all. Christianity is a faith that condones violence, “God Hates Fags”, wants control of women’s reproductive system, denies commerce to people who go against their faith, wants to deny people their rights and freedoms  because it doesn’t fit into their Christian dogma. Businesses want to not serve gays because it goes against their religion. What if airlines refused to fly people who have had abortions, or grocery stores refused to to serve Christians because it was owned by Muslims? Christians would be screaming. Hate crimes would multiply. Think about it. It’s only Christians in this Christian country who espouse so much hate for people who don’t believe what they do. So many Christians have so much hate. But be it said, this is not all Christians. But it is the ones with the loudest voices.

Buddhism is a practice of non violence who treat people the way they want to be treated, who thinks carefully about “you reap what you sow”, the law of cause and effect, who lived by the ten commandments 1000 years before Moses came down from the mountain. Buddhism promotes peace and acceptance of other people’s faith. We don’t use God as reason for war and say he is on ” our side”. We are a faith who doesn’t believe in a thinking entity who bestows benefits and punishments. We get the effects of what we cause ourselves. You can pray for forgiveness, but you can’t change the fact that you get back exactly  what you dish out. The effects America is getting now is the from the causes made that have destroyed our infrastructure, our water, or RIGHT to have access to water, and our land, all for the sake of greedy people who feel the have the right to to take what they want, in the name of God – from anyone, anywhere.

What happened to America which started out with so much promise? We are following every example of every empire that imploded because of growing greed and desire for power. So today we’ll wave our flags and BBQ our meat and watch fireworks while we enjoy our family and friends, while our “Christian” politicians decide on the next way to lead the people around like sheep, continuing to make people believe the separation of church and state needs to be changed and use God’s law instead of the constitution. This country has become the oppressor we fought a war over to become independent.  The rest of us can’t leave. There is nowhere to flee to get away.  Besides, ALL of us are Americans. We will not all become Christians. Accept that and take the Bible out of our government and govern for what is best for ALL people, not just some. Our Independence Day has become a farce. We don’t celebrate because we separated from a country of oppression. We’ve gone from being oppressed to being the oppressor, to people in our own country, and to people around the world.

Let us pray.


  1. Why did you capitalize the word NOT in one of your sentences? It seems like the trademark of a bad writer, who makes every sentence into an outrage. Your sheepish, conformist attitude may not be conscious. You ought to know that your writing style is rampant on the net. You are a group of permanently outraged individuals. Yet, you seem to have no outrage at the fact that your article holds nothing novel and is a great lesson on the problems in America. Maybe you wish life was better. But, if it was, would your disposition change then?

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    1. Gee Roger, it looks like you think you’ve got me nailed. You also have no idea what my disposition is because I doubt seriously you have read the 700 posts on my two blogs, or anything else I’ve written. You sure don’t have ANY idea what I do or why I do it. Nor do you know what I write or why I write. You just thought you had the writing smarts to insult me with mine. Won’t work. I’m perfectly okay with my life, too – and the fact that I am alive. I definitely have never been called sheepish. That got me laughing, and I am soo0 NOT a conformist, so you are batting a thousand. Oh darn, when writing you shouldn’t use cliches. Then you imply I may not be conscious when I write. I darn well better be conscious or I’d be on the floor, because you left that sentence dangle in the air! You can write a better sentence can’t you? My attitude at all times is very conscious or I’d be asleep. I think you needed someone to insult. But read what you wrote to me – the sentence structure. “You seem to have no outrage at the fact that your article holds nothing novel and is a great lesson on the problems in America.” It makes no sense. You say I’m not flaming angry that – eliminate the word from your own writing it is an elementary writing mistake. It isn’t needed.) “because” my article isn’t unique, and then you praise it by writing it is a great lesson on the problems in America. Those are your words. Last sentence, remove the comma after the word “but”. You also don’t need the one after was. The sentence starts with. So, since you made it a point to call me a bad writer, me thinks you need to read up on a little grammar yourself before you try to insult someone else. BTW, there is an entire category called rants and raves and you can read a whole bunch of pissed off posts. When I need a break from my writing and I run into stupidity – like this – then I have been known to capitalize lots of words, and some of them are cuss words. How is YOUR disposition right about now? No way to emphasize words here dude. When I the opportunity to read about ignorance I call it like it is. What have written lately besides insulting comments?


  2. We understand so little about ourselves, about why we really do things, what makes us change for the better. Neuroscience is starting to shed light on human behavior, but we’re mostly in the dark about our own nature.

    I’ve started trying to focus on people who represent and fight for equality, and/or to protect the ecosystem, and who are also able to lead. There aren’t many, and most don’t have a high profile, but they are out there. It makes me feel a little better.

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    1. You won’t find answers to human nature through neuroscience. I’ve been studying for almost 30 years, and too much to explain here. But you are right, we have to focus on the people who are fighting for the right things we need to keep on living before those with too much greed succeed on destroying us. What scares me is they seem to be winning and we are losing. We need to focus on the children. They are the ones who seem to have a better grasp on the world since they are the ones who are going to have to live in it.

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      1. I won’t find answers to human nature in neuroscience, particularly since I’m not a neuroscientist, but am enjoying learning about their explorations into how much of what we think, how we act and how we perceive the world has more to do with what happens beyond our conscious minds, than with what we traditionally (as westerners) think of as products of rational thinking. We say, oh, this idea just came to me — but we’re proving that ideas was percolate in our subconscious minds, perhaps beyond, getting written and re-written, told and retold, formulated, percolated, electro-lated, neuro-transmitted, until they takes form and shape, and pop into the tiny surface of being that we’re aware of.


  3. Your statement of where this Country stated to where it is now are certainly correct.
    What is different is our concern with gun rights. And the American ideal of ‘bullying’. If you don’t agree that I am right, I’ll shoot your ass. And many proceed to do so. Then pretend in Court they were threatened as their overpaid attorney says so had to shoot.
    As you know, America has more gun deaths then any other country and proclaims its independence but is that cause okay when there are no controls to gun access?
    With a 3D printer anyone can now ‘print’ a gun to use, maybe one shot. But it seems the attitude of so many Americans to ‘get even’ the sickness is like a viral disease.

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    1. Bill you are so right. People are so stupidly blind. Protecting your home from being invaded is one thing, Open carry gun laws that allow someone to shoot a woman in the back because she turned down your advances is another. I believe the NRA had ulterior motives in shoving guns down everyone’s throat so that now they think they have the right to pull it out on anyone anytime – Many people are too unstable to own a gun let alone carry it around.


    1. Great website. Ill have to save that one for Columbus Day. I wrote that post today laying in bed with a cup of coffee and my Nook without being about to add any links. I wanted to add on for the Trail of Tears, too, but my family BBQ was calling me to get my ass in gear. I did just go back and add a few lines about the Confederate flag. One blowhard at the picnic kept trying to bring it into the conversation but my husband who lived in the south the first 50 years of his life said not one household in his huge family ever hung a Confederate flag. He said it’s so stupid. They lost the war. Get over it. I agree.

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