Has Anyone Else Noticed The Amount of Spam Getting Through?

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It’s never been this bad.  They are finding ways to circumvent getting stopped.  They make the spam sound legitimate, except that you know it doesn’t fit what you wrote.  I actually had 7 get through today that akismet didn’t keep out.  I was able to stop them at that point.  I had one that got through a few weeks I didn’t catch, and now I keep having programs try to install themselves and I have to go back and redo the registry to an earlier date to get rid of it.  I can’t permanently get rid of it, and my husband is a computer guy who knows what he’s doing.  I think it’s in my system now.  So be careful!


  1. Big corporations like Google lives on our data. We use their operating systems, save our private collections of images, music etc. on their servers and use their email applications. And they have employed people to ‘mine’ this data and find out who we are, where do we live, what do we like to eat or wear, where all are we most likely to go, etc. and then sell this information to whosoever pays them and mark as ‘target advertising’. We fall prey to all kinds of spam on email as well as on phone. I understood this and slowly started migrating from their services. That’s when I moved my blog from Blogger to WordPress. Here is my entry: https://mycreativefactory.wordpress.com/2012/08/04/hello-world/

    I know I am still not very safe, but I shall keep trying.

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    1. This is more than data mining. These are hackers that want inside your system. it used to be that the spam came from pharmaceutical companies and businesses and it was obvious spam. Now they log onto your blog and leave a message that almost sounds as if their are interested in what you wrote, but it’s still generic. The messages no longer have a lot of links in them and that is one thing akismet sees when they through them into your spam box. But you look who sent the message many of them come from gmail, but still the part of the address before it usually has something fishy about it. I have had to rest my computer to an earlier registration at least 6b times in the past month of so because all kinds of ads started showing up and I can’t get rid of them. Looking through my messages I approved I see two now that I think are spam that slipped by me. My husband knows computers and if he can’t get rid of it then it’s a problem. At first he thought the blog was infected and thought it might be wordpress that was infected but what it is is a very well hidden virus.

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        1. I just checked new replies. Here is one that just came in. Looks real, but I knew that where it came from wasn’t. 2 spam got through Akismet today. Here is one message I got “People adopt beliefs and tend to hold tightly to them. While complaining about something may feel like a stress reliever, the truth is that you are only trading one kind of stress for another kind of stress. Keep in mind that all the things you do will find their way to your ex-boyfriend’s ears; therefore, pay close attention to the way you dress, walk, and talk.” That was a hacker.

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        2. We don’t have to post anything personal. Everything is tied into every. Every time you even click on an article it is tied to your history of what you view.

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