Symphony Of Colours

…..A blog well worth going to. Beautiful words and beautiful paintings. This is one talented woman!


Symphony Of Colours Symphony Of Colours

Artist that I am,

I just had to wave my brush,

To let the vision rush

And let my hands prance,

to the tune of nature.

Enchanted, I frolicked with colours.

I filled my pallet with lively hues,

Yellow, pink, green, orange

and so many more,

ensuing her cues.

Prance did the colours,

with every stroke that touched the canvas

They merged, surged & purged,

moved in and out of shadows and lights,

to weave a rainbow of joy.

Here in lies the reflection of my mind

My thoughts, my dream, my vision,

the depths of my heart,

that hums the symphony of colours

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    1. The man Jamie actually comes from main blog. he’s in prison – going on ten years now. Since everything is so gray there, if it’s okay I’d like to email him a picture of one of your paintings. A little color would be nice for him to see.

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      1. @sonniq – i’m sorry to hear about Jamie. I hope a positive outcome comes off this long wait. Please go ahead and share my painting with him. I wish him all the very best. Happy to help ๐Ÿ˜€ Glad you thought about sharing my painting with him ๐Ÿ™‚

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