An Abundance of Similes

…..As I work on writing the book I challenged myself to write, I try to learn as much as possible from other people who have been doing it longer than myself. So much to think about! I found this at a blog that posts 100 word stories. So many good ones. So many that provoke a thought or a feeling. Creative writing done in a way that draws people in is definitely a skill that is learned after much study and reading other writers words. Blogging has taught me a lot.

wordsBy Sathyaghan

Shimmering, like a million little diamonds. Glittering, like sparks of gold. Sparkling, like bubbles from a spring. Glowing, with the effulgence of the stars.

Rippling, in small waves, like a beacon. Splashing, like cool water falling on itself. Flowing, like a thought, faster than light. Tumbling, like thick locks of hair.

Cooling, like a pool in the desert. Refreshing, like a drink after thirst. Calming, like a full night’s sleep. Indulging, like a mother’s whisper.

Water, words, ideas, and whispers. Flowing, writing, emitting, and breathing. In simile and similarity. In family and familiarity. The fluids of thought.

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