Do People Actually Read What You Write?

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Sometimes I wonder, do people actually read what you have written or do they just go down the reader and click like?  Some people only put up a picture or a few words and you don’t have to actually go to their blog unless you want to write a reply.  But if you don’t go to their blog when you like something it never registers on their stats so they never know who actually paid attention to it. It’s not a great way to build confidence.

How do we write a blog? Why do we write a blog? How do we respond to other people’s blogs? Everyone wants to have good stats, because when there aren’t any, it’s really pretty disheartening and you feel unloved and unappreciated. We want people to read the words we have taken so much time to write, edit and possibly rewrite.  Many of the posts I write take me take me hours, especially if I’m adding pictures and links and possibly music.  I know they are read by the replies I get from people, and it is what keeps me going, Not everyone replies, I know that. But sometimes, it only takes a few minutes to let someone know you appreciate what they are doing. It matters. So I leave a lot of replies. Sometimes we have good days and some days we feel ignored.  Sometimes it depends on the time of day you post or it can slide on by.  Facebook is terrible for that.  The list of posts grows so long so fast. If someone doesn’t take the time to scroll down it gets lost.

I’m writing the today because I put up a post recently that I checked soon after and it had three likes but there had been not view or visitor to the site. Not one. How the heck can you just like a post without even reading what it was about. If the entire post fit on the review of the post through the reader then you’d think there was no reason to go to the blog. But nothing I write fits in that area. I actually write my posts. Do I want posts that “looks” like people were interested and read it, which isn’t true?  I appreciate those that like my posts, but I’d like to ask that you not like it unless you genuinely have at least read the darn thing. Doing that you just might find out something you’d be glad you read, or maybe even found out something you didn’t know.

Now, since someone would have to read this post to find this out, what will be the end result? I doesn’t make me happy to have people “like” me and not know why.

The End

P.S.  Your thoughts? How do you feel about this? Incidently, this post took me an hour and twenty minutes to complete. Was it worth reading?


    1. I remember reading your post earlier in the year. I wrote that because I consistently have the same people like my posts but it is rare that they comment. But when I saw the likes yet no one had even clicked on the post how do they know they liked it? yet still they are there again today. They might be really nice people, but they mostly put up a picture with almost text as a post. I could do that 50 x a day. People do that on facebook all the time. But I don’t think anyone thinks of facebook as a blog. People just mostly put up posters there. I write things that mean something. I’d like to get a little respect for that by having someone read it before they “like” it.


      1. I am truly agree with you and that’s why I do not encourage people to press like button randomly and more often I ask some open end questions to the readers and believe me it works; now, I am giving you one example of it, let me see how will you respond it??????????????????
        Wishing you all the best………………

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  1. I read some of your posts. I admit I don’t read all. I comment on several, and sometimes… I forget about that like button. But I’m still out there, and still reading. Hopefully that’s all the justification you need to keep going. Works for me at any rate. 🙂

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    1. oh Nagrij – i know you read my posts and have left comments. It wasn’t about reading and not liking it, it was about people who just click “like” but don’t take the time to read it. How do they know they like it if they don’t read it. I thought that was what was happenening, but yesterday I had 3 likes on a new post but not one visitor to the blog? You can do that in the reader. It wasn’t malicious. They were making it look like they were reading my post – but they weren’t – so the “likes” are phony.


    2. I truly respect your honesty;
      Wishing you all the best…………………
      Please refer my below communication with Sonniq and you will come to know that since very long we are discussing the same issue,
      Glad to meet you here……………….
      Wishing you all the best…………….

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