Letter From Gandhi to Hitler

Gandhi letter to hitler

I guess this letter didn’t have much impact on Hitler.  One sad thing, Hitler really thought himself to be a very devout Christian.  He was cleansing the world of people so we would have a world of pure white Christians.  If you ever had a chance to hear or read his speeches he talked about Christianity a lot.

At this link  http://www.nobeliefs.com/Hitler1.htm  you will find ten other links that are all about Hitler’s Christian views and how he thought he was following exactly what the Bible said to do. Before you say this has to be wrong, go read some of it. It’s pretty eyeopening.


  1. There is some pretty good evidence that despite Ghandi’s message of peace, that he was as racist as they came. Product of his environment or not, you can’t always tell about people, no matter how loud the message they espouse is. That goes for both Ghandi and Hitler.

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    1. hmm. I’ll have to do some checking on that. It is something I never heard. You are right, though, that people are a product of their environment. From birth we take in what our family and community says and it becomes truth.


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