Kansas Woman’s Son Taken Away for CBD (Cannabidiol)?

. . . . I saw this article after I just posted the one about help oil. I had read this article last month about this incident.

That's Natural!

When it comes to your medicine freedom, this is a reminder that we must stand up for what we believe in – and we absolutely have the power to change the destiny of how our government allows people to take natural medicines.

This morning on Glenn Beck’s radio show he told the story of a Kansas woman with Crohn’s disease that takes CBD (Cannabidiol – we don’t know if this was a supplement that is legal in all 50 States or a medical-grade of CBD, that is much higher potency and treated differently than the CBD supplement).  Her son, in speaking to his class about the legalization of marijuana, mentioned to his teacher that his mom took the CBD oil (from cannabis or hemp – NOT marijuana).  His teacher decided to tell this to “the authorities” – child protection services – and this woman came home to find investigators poking…

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