Hemp Oil – To Fix What Ails You?

Why is hemp oil against the law? Do corporations want it to be illegal so you have no choice but to use more pharmaceuticals and make drug companies richer?  Is information withheld from you so you feel there is no choice? What is the rate of cure between help oil and pharmaceutical drugs for what ails you?

When I was younger I smoked a fair amount of pot. Actually, I smoked a lot of pot, even through my pregnancies, and had 2 healthy babies. I knew then about the hype the media plastered everywhere – that pot led to harder drugs was a massive smear campaign, for the very reasons that are talked about here. The corporations or pharmaceutical companies couldn’t make a profit from it. So, since they owned the way information was distributed, everyone was told over and over about the evils of marijuana. Something that had been used for more centuries than I know of was all of a sudden this horrible, dangerous thing.

Remember the 1950’s cult movie called “Reefer Madness”? It’s hysterically funny now, but it was very real then. They had to make people believe that pot was a very dangerous drug. So horrible that we had to lock up tens of thousands of people multiple times over who had even one small ‘roach’ found in their car, and they became criminals, which in turn helped to fill the prisons. It had to become a criminal offense – a very, very profitable criminal offense.

We all know this story and we know they are trying to get some of these people out of prison now. To balance it out there is a major push to lock up illegal aliens instead of just sending them back home. New prisons being made and auctioned off to the highest bidder with the promise of an endless supply of people so the corporations that own the prisons can make a lot of money by imprisoning and destroying the lives of people they consider to have no value.

These are the people who own America and we feel powerless to do anything about it. They have the money and own the politicians. Do you remember this past year the man who was seriously sick, with tumors on his head that were very visible, and he and his family were growing pot to be made into hemp oil as a last ditch effort to save his life? Then and he and his family got busted under the guise of intent to distribute because they had quite a few plants. It takes a lot of leaf to make the oil. They took away his help oil. There were petitions going around to try to save him and it didn’t work. He appeared in court in a wheel chair and they still convicted him and sent him to prison, where he died. They couldn’t be that stupid. They knew what they were doing. They were sending a message that said no one was off limits. What was their point? Did they think they were breaking up a big drug ring? Did they need a conviction so bad they were willing to destroy people to get it? Obviously, yes. They killed him and destroyed his family – because they could. I haven’t checked – are his family members locked up? Anyone know?

Now, we have some states where it is legal to buy pot and some where it isn’t. How does that work? You can buy it one state and if you cross the border they can bust you with it? I don’t know, can they? This country is going crazy. The one percenters are trying to take your mind off the people we really should be going after – the corporations who are committing crimes against humanity.

One thing I do know – I quit smoking pot about 15 years ago because all it did was make me sleepy – and want to eat, which is one reason why it is good for chemo patients. I’m not looking to get high. Been there done that. I also seriously doubt I would ever do chemo again. Once was enough for me. What I did was not the same kind of chemo treatment most people do. Mine was massively injected right into tumors to slow their growth. Whoops, a few weeks later, my below the waist length hair lay on the bottom of my bath tub. I have to take medications now that lower my immune system so my body won’t reject a liver transplant. Taking those medications leaves my body defenseless from any kind of cancer cell that might want to make me their new home. I recently lost a friend who had to take those same medications for a transplant and she fought like hell through horrible treatments. She still died. Next time, if it is my time to go then it is my time to go. But if I had the option of being able to do a natural treatment like help oil then I would do it and I’d start today if I had it.

I quit smoking pot before because it wasn’t fun anymore, just like going out and drinking wouldn’t be fun, either. Our bodies change and what we do for fun changes. I’d rather dig in my garden for fun. But I’m not looking at this from a fun stand point. Would this help me now with some of the medical issues I have? Would it make my life a little less painful? That is something I’m going to check out. I don’t know if it has any kind of mind altering effects, but if I could open my eyes in the morning and not reach to the table on my right for my pain medicine before I even put my glasses on, that would be a wonderful thing, wouldn’t it?

It looks like this video is about skin cancer, but it isn’t. It is about curing things in your body in a different way then going to the drug store to fill your prescriptions and making the drug companies wealthy.

What do you think?

5 thoughts on “Hemp Oil – To Fix What Ails You?

    1. People don’t do enough of their own research into things and think that if a dr said to take something you should. i’ve gotten my mother off a few things I know are pushed hard for profit – like statin drugs – which hurt you more than they help you. Drs just prescribe what the drug companies tell them to prescribe and they get all kinds of free samples to give out. So many people don’t take the side effects seriously.

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