Chapter Excerpt – Walking While Black

…..I started a new blog that for excerpts of chapters of the book I’m writing. None are complete chapters and there are more to come. For those who have been to you know that i write about a man in prison and post many of his letters written to me over the years. He had already spent a number of years in solitary confinement which were brutal. They threw him back in 3 months go and wanted to ship him to a prison far away whenit was time to let him out but they said the had NO OPEN BUNKS! He had to cause more intentional trouble. He threatened a guard, took him to ICC, an internal court to force them to keep him there in solitary I instead of moving him and making it impossible for anyone to visit him.

This is one of the chapter excerpts. If you want to know why they locked him up in the first place read “Fantasy Crime” . Leave your email address at if you would like to be on the book mailing list. Many thanks.

"Inside the Forbidden Outside" by Sonni Quick with Jamie Cummings

Chapter excerpt

Walking While Black

. . . .He had a dream. A late middle-aged white woman was walking down the street and a black teenager, wearing a hoodie, with it pulled up over his head, is walking toward her coming the opposite way. This woman, would never have called herself a racist. Even so, the first thought shooting through her head is fear. She can’t help herself. She was raised to be afraid of black people. They are scary. They are more apt to hurt you than white people and she’s afraid of what he is going to do to her.

“Is he going to try to rob me?” she thought. “Maybe try to grab my purse and run?”

Throughout her whole life, the media, and movies, has mostly shown her that black people aren’t as intelligent as white people. They’re lazy. They don’t want to get an education…

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