It’s All Your Fault 2

John did a great job with this. I love his poetry and what he did with this. You did a great job..


This is a remake of one of my latest songs.  Was playing around it Muvizu, a cartoon creation software….  Had massive problems inside the learning curve, but managed to finally create this with my sound track added to Timmy’s lip sync…  He’s a lot cuter than I am and I thought he would be a little less distractive to viewers than my beastly self….

Anyway, here’s a tip:  Cell phone and laptop speakers are notoriously horrible.  Use earbuds.  Not that it will help my cat scratching blackboard noises, but for other real artists it might help….

Is this worth my time?


I like the way you look tonight
Dressed up baby, so nice and tight…
And got me thinking when was
the first time I saw you in
that moonlight….

You know I was like Frankenstein baby
just bouncing off those walls
I needed that lightning
to start my…

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