Youtube video of new game “Kill the Faggot”by Christian game developer

My Name is Jamie. My Life in Prison

It doesn’t get more disgusting than this.  I recently had a conversation with a Christian therapist here on WordPress. I had the misfortune of reading one of his blog posts. I couldn’t get past the fact that he thought, not only was being gay wrong, it was something someone could just pray away. He also teaches this to his children.  And if one of his own children were gay, do you think it would scare him enough that he would never be able to tell his father. Would his father shun him if he couldn’t pray his gayness away?  Would he be embarrassed for anyone to know that he was unsuccessful in changing his child’s sexual orientation.  If not his own child, is this how he would counsel the parents of children who are gay? His children will grow up and pass this same intolerance to their own children who…

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