Inspiration of Song

I “accidentally” found this writer on I have a page there, too. Great site. I read she just published a book I’m going to go get. Because I, too, am writing a book. I know how much work it takes to do that, or rather, I’m learning how much work it takes, I wanted to help pass the word. The video she posted on this page is really very good. The lyrics grabbed me.Go to her pages and see if bit is something you might like and pass it along. The video is a good song. The lyrics resonated with me. So have listen, and have have a great day!

A.C. Melody

music-writing-imageimage source:

So, yesterday was Tuesday and I didn’t get a Triple Lyrics post up here.  Mostly, because I was writing and it was going really well.  Also, because I haven’t been exploring a lot of new music lately, as much as I’ve been listening to old stuff that I’ve already shared with everyone.  I will have to try to look into that for next week (hopefully).

I discovered something interesting about one of my unfinished stories not too long ago, that I never knew.  It was 100% inspired by just one song.  I know, that’s crazy right?  How could I not realize that at the time?  I’m not sure, but I’m thinking it must have been a subconscious thing.  I just happened to start writing the story around the same time one of my favorite bands released a new album and it was the only CD I listened…

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