. . .I came very close to dying, and I didn’t. I realized that what would keep me alive was to bring my dreams to the surface again and make them real. touch them, feel, them and have the confidence that I could rise again, reinvent myself. I had time now that I was not supposed to have and knew this was time that was not to be wasted. How much can I put into 30 hours a day? Do I end each day knowing I did the best with it? When we lose the ability to look at our life with fresh eyes, and no matter the age be able to dream like a young person, but have something they don’t have – wisdom – we begin to die. We can dream like this until the day we die and in that essence never grow old in our minds. It is only the shell on the outside that gets old..



My break down and suicide attempts brought me to the positive, happy person I am today #noregrets

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