Maternity Leave – Another Area The USA Is Way Down On The List

It really floored me when I watched this.  I knew in many ways the US was definitely way down the list. Education is another one.  Watching the news here in the states you’d think that we were one of the best places to live.  We have freedoms other people don’t have etc. etc. etc. so it makes me wonder now if there is anything where we are actually number one – except for the amount of prisoners we lock up.  With that statistic we are definitely number one.

So why is it we can’t give families help with maternity leave? Why can’t we help them financially with paid maternity leave?  We promise they won’t lose their job, but EVERY country does that.  Why is it with all the abortions they want to make illegal they don’t do anything that actually helps people when they have these babies they feel are so important to be born.  If a woman is forced to have a child she doesn’t want to have – for whatever reason, it’s not our business, what happens then if when there is no paid leave and there isn’t enough money to pay the rent? Why is it that men are able to stay and help raise that child so that child has a better chance at living?  Why do other countries actually give them things foir the aby to help them get started.  If we’re supposed to be the #1 country – the super power, why is it that other countries can provide these things yet the US can’t.  We are “Supposed” to be a first world country and yet even many third world countries treat their people better than we do?  So why is this?  Does anyone have a reason that makes sense? . . .Blog posts and news about injustice in the world

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