Youth in solitary confinement
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Doing this to children, how is it ever possible for them to be sane functioning adults when what they learn as children is how to treat the world. If often only takes truancy or an afternoon fight or a childish prank for children to get sucked into the juvy system. Once there ” breaking any rule” can have them put into solitary confinement. Then they get angry. They are broken. They fight for survival any way they can. Go to to not only read of a man’s life who started in juvy, but also to go to the many links on the right side that will tell you much more about the solitary confinement of youth.



  1. What will it take for our people in the U.S. to stop making public policy decisions with their emotional minds. Reason tells us that deprivation in childhood breaks the foundation on which people build their adult lives. I am always astonished at the disconnect between our brutal public policies and the horrific social and environmental condition of the United States. If the Nation were a person we would wonder at the combination of decline and denial and recognize it as an addictive process.|

    I’ve recently read that citizens of the U.S. believe that their country is more respected than it is and is superior economically even though the quality of life here began a decline in the 1980’s that continues to this day.

    “Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” John F. Kennedy

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    1. I wouldn’t say it is with their emotional minds, but rather the part of their brain that calculates the profit they’d make from it. The 1% couldn’t care less what happens to us – we’re just fodder. In fact the first prez Bush got caught saying that very thing – he called the people “fodder”. And now they want to elect yet another Bush and people are shortsighted to the point they will elect someone by party alone without thinking of the ramifications to their own lives.

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    1. Yes, it is. If you look at the links on the right side of my prison blog, at the blog links you will see a section for juvenile offenders.. When they are at age 21, if they weren’t tried as an adult, because some states will try kids as young as 7 as adults, they get out out screwed up, angry, no social skills or family they can relate to so they end up in adult prison anyway. Some have severe mental problems that being locked up in solitary makes 1000x worse. Jamie, too, as a child was put in solitary as a kid. They call them BMPs. Behavior modification Programs. He shouldn’t have been in juvy lockup in the first place. He committed no crime.

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      1. Yes, I saw it. I’m just am so disbelieving that it’s happening! And wondering why is it being done to the children? I would think they should know it does not work at all? Geez!

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      2. You don’t understand. 22 states will try a child as young as 7 in adult court. They will never ever get out of prison. Prison is big business. Prison corporations own them. The have stock and shareholders who want to make a profit. This is just a different slant of the old plantation slavery of the south. They don’t care if it is happening to children. These children become too screwed up to have a life like you and I. They wisdom they gain from their life experiences are all from being locked up. There are people who care and are trying to change things, but they get fought every step of the way. The slave labor of children in many countries is the same. There is no respect for a person just because it is a child. Sad, but true.

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