My Life (Letter to my parents)

It’s hard sometimes to write to your parents and explain your life, and include in it your determination to change and how your going to make that change. If you have followed this blog you know that I choose the path of Nichiren Buddhism many years ago. 27 years. But for 14 years prior to that I had 5 different people tell me about it. I’m sure that most of you have never even heard of Nichiren Buddhism. If anything you’ve heard of Zen or Tibetan and you’ve heard of the Dalai Lama. But there many different sects of Buddhism just like those who believe in God may choose to be Catholic or Mormon. So often arguments arise as one believer insists they practice the right  religion and the other person is wrong, and if they don’t convert to their religion something terrible will happen to them after they die. There are terrible arguments and often the chance to be friends is lost and it tears apart families and even countries. I often read hate filled comments all over the web that Muslims are terrorists. Just being a Muslim makes them a terrorist. But what do they think of the Christians who invaded they country and killed and tortured their people?

What is the purpose of having faith in your religion of choice?

These are my reasons for studying Nichiren Buddhism. So I can be happy – To have the confidence to know I can surmount obstacles in my life – to change the parts of my nature that get in the way of those changes. We are often our own worst enemy because of the way we react to life as it happens.

I sincerely do not think there is an entity that has a plan for my life. That is my choice. People often have a particular religion because it is what they were taught. Society and family made that choice for us. But growing up in the the church and being in the church for one reason or another almost every day I saw few people actually applying lessons they learned. Church was mostly a social event that made no difference in how people lived.

But . . .that is not all Christians. Many do study and spend their lives honestly trying to apply these lessons to their lives. That is worthy of respect and who am I to say you are wrong and I am right?Many of the same teachings are found in all the major religions and if you truly try to live your life by them this world would be a better place. The commandments in Christianity are the same in Buddhism – the difference being that God – this force – this energy – pervades everything. It is inside us, not “out there” somewhere. Buddhists pray – but not to something outside ourselves but to the God that is within us, within all things.

I am in control of my life. I choose to make the causes I make. I have to live with the effects of those causes. This philosophy is what makes sense to me. We all choose, and some choose nothing.

I think what I trying to say is that we need to respect each others choices and not be so quick to say they are wrong and I am right. There is more than one path to happiness. I have often heard people say – don’t discuss religion or politics. We can discuss religion (maybe not politics) if we respect the choice people believe in to give meaning to their lives.



Dear Mom, Dad and M___,

I have required of myself to speak to one person a day about the great beneficial power of Nam myoho renge kyo so that I don’t forget it myself. So what better people to dedicate today’s report than the ones I have started out closest to in life, the ones who are tied to me irrevocably by an invisible thread that cannot be broken, no matter how hard one would try.

You are probably all cringing now, thinking, “Why is he bothering me with this again? His organization must be having another massive recruitment campaign.” If I’ve pegged you wrong, then congratulations! You are an independent minded person who eludes predictability.

But all that doesn’t really matter because I am not writing this email to respond to anything you might be thinking. I am writing this email because I have hidden my tortured life from…

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