When dealing with people, let us remember . . .

pride, prejudice, vanity
The result of pride, prejudice and vanity

This is often hard when you want to talk to people using logic and appeal to their sanity and you can’t figure out what language they are speaking. English is not always English, or whatever your language is. There are people who argue just for the sake of arguing, always taking the other side no matter how ludicrous it is. . . to you. You wonder, do they really not understand? Maybe not. Was it because of how they were raised and what they were taught in their early years that affects the way they think? Did the events that happened in their early years give them a slanted view of the world that affects the way they think about things for the rest of their lives?  There has been much controversy about nature vs nurture and how much each affects who we are.  Our human nature, were we born with it or do we acquire it? Yes, I believe it is a combination of both.  So . . . I keep trying.  Maybe it is me who drank the kool-aid and doesn’t understand!

When we react with emotion, or our pride has been affected, we often put our foot in our mouth and say something we regret. Then further pride makes us unable to apologize. It is such a vicious cycle.  But anyway, I continuously go back to the drawing board and reflect on my own actions and try to self correct my own biases, my own hypocracies. I try to see things through the eyes of others.  Most of all I am trying to learn to listen, which is easier said than done when you are someone who talks a lot.  {{smile}}

Thank you Don, for this quote today.


Don Charisma

«When dealing with people, let us remember we are not dealing with creatures of logic. We are dealing with creatures of emotion, creatures bustling with prejudices and motivated by pride and vanity.»

— Dale Carnegie

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  1. Which assumed the logic you’re using is also logic. Careful careful careful, here. This one is dangerous. The best way to handle using logic is to take a mental step back before any argument or debate. Any human trying to use just logic in any aspect of their lives is usually lying to themselves about it.

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    1. What you are saying is absolutely correct. I got called away from my computer before I had a chance to finish the post after I reblogged it from Don. You might want to go back and see what I did with it and give me your opinion.


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