#9 The Seasons of Life

I posted a new blog entry a few minutes ago and I looked to see who else had blogged about aging gracefully, also comparing youth to age using episodes in my life which is now 60. I wrote it this morning because of how I felt when I up this morning. I’m going to reblog this so that these two posts are side by side. The only real difference, and that is an accepted personal choice, is that I am Buddhist and look at the process of my life based on that point of view. Each of us needs to find what makes sense in our lives, especially as we get older and come to terms that our life will not be forever and baring major illness or accidents we are on the latter side of our life rather than the beginning. Great post. Well written and very insightful if you haven’t yet reached all the stages of life she writes about.  Where are you in this mix.

I’m not sure how much my mother will appreciate my posting this picture again.  This is a woman who has lived a lot of life and still has dreams.  Full of life, and I love her so much. It is on the very first post of the blog, taken after we cooked dinner for our family for Christmas and they had all just left and sat down in the chair exhausted but happy about the way Christmas day turned out.  It was unfortunately, the last happy time that included my family, and I don’t see another happening any time soon.

aging gracefully, appreciation for living

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Pathways to Peace

What can you do when things from the past are haunting you, things of the present are creating stress, and thoughts of the future frighten you?  Review your life in ten-year segments.  Then see how quickly everything comes to pass and doesn’t stay!

In the first ten years of life, we become acquainted with being in a physical body.cherry trees Parents get very excited when a baby finally learns to roll over.  Then that baby crawls, walks, and soon speaks.  Learning how to ride a bike, to swim, and to sit attentively in a classroom, all help us to establish self-discipline and responsibility to life.

The second ten years are the pre-adult years, during which socialization is essential.  Responsibility to all life can be enhanced by loving and caring for a pet.   Planting a garden presents growth in a different form of life energy than human.  Looking up at clouds can give an appreciation of how…

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