anniversary poem, anniversary of the hug
Anniversary of the Hug
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that has come before,

If ever in the realized history

of my sometimes horrible reality;


allowed me to find that inside

is all that is of import;


that is outside that I believed

to be food for the reality

of oneself inside


before the freedom of you – – –

gave me reason to see the beauty

of it all.



Just an old hippie


This is a poem my husband wrote to me shortly after we met fifteen years ago.  This is posted in remembrance  of the “anniversary of the hug” we celebrate every year. There is so much life appreciation for this man who crossed my path.  Why do certain people come – and out of our lives? Why do some stay and some leave?  I do know this for sure.  I am truly loved.



    1. My old hippie is a special man. My mother (lovingly) calls him an “odd duck”. He is, but he’s “my” odd duck. I lucked out (although I don’t believe in luck) having him in my life.

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