Weathering the storm.

A wonderful story about the continuity of life. This is my take on the story about how the energy of of life doesn’t disappear, but rejoins the energy of the universe and continues on, and because of my faith in the teachings of Buddhism, not implied by this writer, waits until the energy comes together again and is reborn yet again and continues on.

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j willis sanders

I had a thought this morning and strange as it might be, it was what if a single grain of sand on a beach were a conscious being. Imagine all it would see, but also, all it would wish and hope for.
My own father died at fifty-eight from cancer and my mother in 2012 at seventy-seven. They dearly loved the Outer Banks of North Carolina and that love also influences this story.
Then there is the sad influence of cancer and what it takes from those suffering from it and from those that lose friends and loved ones to it.
This is dedicated to all those touched one way or another by this terrible disease.

Once, on a wide, windswept beach, there existed a single grain of sand. To see it lying there among all the rest you’d never know it was any different, or special in any way…

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