Mini Dreams

mini dreams.wakingdreamsThis was my mini dream – I was sitting at my computer waiting for a program to install and closed my eyes. Immediately I was in a rough area, like a cave. There was a man with me. We were both dressed rough like we’d been wearing the clothing for a long time. I was frantic and reached done in this hole and ripped off a wooden cover, reached inside and pulled out this long haired ratty thing that almost looked like a dead animal. It was black. I pulled it out and dropped it and backed away. The man said to me, ” Jenna, that’s your coat.”

Then I opened my eyes. This all took place in maybe 5-10 secs, because my program was still downloading. My name isn’t Jenna. I don’t know of any Jennas and I don’t own a black fur coat. Why was I there and why did I know where this hole was that had a wooden cover. This is the third mini dream I’ve had this afternoon. This happens every day, multiple times per day. I go away. I’m going to start writing down those getaways now. Who knows, maybe they are the start of later book. ( BTW go to the links on the starting page of and read three of the chapters I have posted for Inside Out.)


I was reading someone’s blog lately and he was writing about his mini dreams. I can’t remember what blog it was.  Maybe he’ll see this. I told him I have mini dreams all the time.  Often when I close my eyes for more than a few seconds I go away to very real places.  It has been this way for a long time.  But I had not heard that anyone does this. Are there any other mini dreamers out there? It’s very interesting – except if I do it when I stop at a red light and wake up when a car starts beeping at me.

I just had another mini dream and decided to write it down and keep writing it down whenever I have one.  I also have regular intense dreams when I sleep and quite often I am traveling.  I go to faraway cities that are endless and travel through street after street.  Sometimes on foot and sometimes by car.  I have also flown through them.  they are very detailed, and sometimes I go through buildings with endless rooms and levels.  I always meet people on the way.

Sometimes I see and talk to my father, who died 27 years ago. Very real dreams.  once he sat on a couch and I was on the arm of the couch and we talked.  Another time he walked across a field and when he reach me he gave a very warm hug.  I could feel him and smell him.  He said to me, “It’s been a long time”. Then he looked at me and said he had to go.  He walked away, turn around and said, “I’ll be back”.  Another time I only saw his head, sitting on a side walk and he talked to me from there.  That was creepy.

Sometimes I have waking dreams I can control.  Have you ever been awake in a dream and knew you were dreaming?  It’s weird experience.  Once I was in a house, the colors were different and the air was thicker.  I thought, “I’m awake”.  I left the house, walked down the steps and walked down the street, stopping at different houses and opening their doors to see who was home.  When I woke up I knew I didn’t want to leave that dream.  I wanted to explore more.”

Sometimes I am looking for something I can’t find. I remember quite sometime ago I was searching for a baby and looked everywhere for it, under tables, behind the couch and the bed and I couldn’t find it.  It was lost.  Every night for me is like going to the movies and I’m always in a dream when I wake.  I can even get up – go to the bathroom – go back to bed, and pick up the same dream and go on.

Does anyone else dream like this?

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  1. Dreams are beyond our reach. Sometimes they repeat. Nice to know I’m not the one who gets the ‘I’ve been here’ feeling in dreams. But yes, there are no time intervals for dreams – it can happen anywhere, from a mild afternoon nap to a proper good night’s sleep, and anything in between.

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    1. But I have them sitting up and just close my eyes for a couple seconds. I wrote down 4 more I had that same day. Really bizarre. Sometimes I’m watching it and sometimes I’m a man or a child. It’s interesting hours our mind works. I’ve read that when we sleep it’s away of processing things, but what am I processing that fast? It happens a lot, at least 50% of the time, at the dinner table. I’m sitting there eating and next thing I know he’s touching me and I open my eyes.

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      1. I think a day before, I read on one of your blog entries about the difficulty in managing multiple blogs; and that you undergo much strain typing your thoughts. I think we suffer from information overload. I face that too, though now it doesn’t happen quite often. And this information overload makes me feel tired, and I sometimes take a nap. That’s where mini-dreams happen. Sometimes when I wake up this is part of a series, though I can’t clearly remember if I did actually had the same dream. It is interesting, and sometimes very weird.

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        1. I agree with the info overload. I can never get done. I have a very addictive nature. I overdo everything I do. I obsess over my passions. But for these mini dreams I don’t take naps. I just close my eyes. I could be anywhere. But I will say they are more frequent when I’m tired. I just flip into dream land for a few seconds and then my eyes open again and I finish what I’m doing. I guess I’m just an easy dreamer, but I really enjoy it.

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