Lessons from the Studio

Midimike, sound engineer and songwriter.
MidiMike, songwriter and sound engineer

I found a musician! – a band really – a dinosaur like myself, that plays music from an era I say real musicians come from; a time when players had to actually spend years to learn their craft and it took them more than 2 weeks to do it. I know, I know, each generation has their own music. The first tune the play is Separate Ways by Journey, who is definitely up in the top 3 of my favorites.   Love Steve Perry.  I have lots of good memories from that one. This is some good music. Take a bit of time and do a spin through their tunes. Please, any comments you may want to leave, go back to http://midimike.wordpress.com  to leave it. And go to http://www.cdbaby.com or any of his other links and buy his music.


In Euphoria at this time, I am the keyboard player and I do some back-up vocals and percussion.  

I get to set up in the recording control room and listen to the studio speakers for monitors. I can look through the glass and see the other players; drums in isolation booth, guitar amp and bass rig in separate areas with go-bo’s and sound partitions avoiding spill-over.  Vocalist was in place in booth, but we are doing scratch vocals now for the most part to keep the musicians on track.  The studio is using reel-to-reels back then, but they are great machines and the board is more than I had gotten my hands on at the time.  To let you know I was the performer here.  I was not the engineer and I kept my mouth shut.  [OK, maybe that was a hidden lesson if we think about it!] 

To set up…

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