This is very powerful. The intensity of the writing in all of the posts will show you that this is not just random words put together because they sound good. Go to her blog.


you left me behind closed doors

neglecting the voice of pain that crawled through the walls

you kept my hands tied to my legs

freedom was not an option, my option was to dry my eyes after every cry

dreaming of swaying my hands in the sky marching in the freedom of independence again

I was beaten mentally, they tried to erase the ego of who i am, what my name is…

they tried to take away my Africanity…

the four corners of a dark, creepy, scary room was i caved in, my heart feared and fear was an enemy of the black man

bravery, is our hallmark but yet they ignored the ego of who we are…

who was there that cared, who was there that cared for the freedom of the black men caved in the four-cornered dark creepy scary room, who was there that had affection for…

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