There’s No Back Pain Surgery Can’t Make Worse

I was originally leaving this remark at the site I reblogged this from but my Nook started acting really screwy, I couldn’t shrink the size or even see the “post comment” button. I didn’t want to get out of bed yet to go to my desk where my laptop is sitting, because, ironically, I had just taken my morning dose of methadone so I could get out of bed and walk on my feet because of neuropathy. But the pain in my mid back won’t let me sit up in my bed much longer,either. Below is what I was writing on  this post:

I’m sure you wrote this post just for me. Every day I tell myself I can do it, that I am lucky to be alive so I just suck it up, there are many people worse off than me, even when I’m literally doubled over in blinding, muscle peeling off the bone kind of pain in my back because I refuse to not let my pain keep me from doing the simple task of washing the dishes. I gave up caring if I was addicted to pain killers many years ago. It’s the bottle I blindly reach for every morning as I open my eyes every day.

I’m not going to go into the litany of reasons of what is causing the pain I have except to say I’ve had Hep C for 40 years, (Yup, from drugs when I was young and stupid.) I often write about the law of cause and effect in my posts, because the things that happen “to” have an origin, so I only have myself to blame for this. Everything that could happen to a person with Hep C did – including, but not limited to, a liver transplant in July 2012. I have a wonderful new 30 year old liver in this now 60 year old body that will probably out live me. Unfortunately Hep C does more damage to the body in addition to the liver.

I’ve gone the whole 9 yards with different pain killers for 22 years and most are a roller coaster ride you really don’t want to jump on. Those that take pain killers to get high are setting themselves up for a rude awakening when you can’t get them any more. This past summer my methadone started disappearing. It led to buying 3 motion detector cameras, setting them up in my house to catch the person coming in when I want home – the property maintenance man.

I don’t take as much pain killer as my Dr tells me to and I use every other method to try to deal with the pain in my back from collapsing vertebre, caused by severe osteoporosis, caused by cirrhosis of the liver. Wow! What an effect from cause made by an immature young adult who thought “Nothing bad will happen to me!”

All Things Chronic

Surgery is much less science based than the rest of medicine. It is almost impossible to subject to studies that are double blind and placebo controlled. Surgical guidelines are therefore necessarily much more anecdotal than based on evidence…

So back pain invites two dangers- unnecessarily invasive surgery and unnecessary life threatening addiction…

For one thing, addiction only occurs in a small percentage of pain patients who take opioids, although the media would have you believe otherwise.  Fact is, there are millions and millions of people taking these drugs, and the number who abuse or overdose is very small in comparison. Choosing to manage your pain and decrease your suffering does not invite a life-threatening addiction, especially for an educated patient.

Lynn writes: [For the purpose of my response, I will assume that Lynn is a woman.]

My GP prescribed an opioid for me. I was concerned the pills could…

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    1. Do you mean this particular post or the blog in general? Before I read this today I had been looking at different themes. What you see now may not stay, I have to leave and need to leave it where it is for now. I am open to any suggestions you have. i want to present this in the best possible way, and since you are a reader, I am interested. I have been thinking of putting out a survey post and asking questions about what they would like to see and what isn’t working. So thank you for this reply. It is aprreciated.

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        1. I do have two blogs – you reply to both of them. I have – which is Jamie’s story. It is rare that I post anything from another site to that blog that is not part of his story, I’ve done it with 3 videos – One was today, that I double posted because the URL got screwed up on the first one and it looked like it was porno in the title because it had xxx in it because I posted it before I put the title in!! So reposted it again correctly. Now I need to go and trash the first one/ Except that that one is also linked to my social media accts. So what to do.? Leave it the way it is I think. Both posts take you to the same place.

          The other blog is Each blog is crossed linked so one reader can find the other. Watch and whirl has my reblogs and my other rants etc that aren’t about the prison system. I could not possible do justice to a 3rd blog!


        2. I am guessing it would it would fit the “watch and whirl” blog perfectly. I Knew i have been replying to two different blogs. Just thought maybe your life story is unique and may require another blog where you tell that exclusively and nothing else but of course, time is of great essence so just put it in the watch and whirl blog. Goodmorning.

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        3. About 12 years ago I started writing my life story. I realized then my life had a few more dynamics in it than the average bear. At times when I’ve told my story I’ve had people say “Stop! I can’t hear any more any right now”

          Looking back on it, and actually talking about it with my mother last night, my life didn’t have the same boundaries some people put on themselves. I did what I wanted to do, not what anyone else thought I should do. Some were not healthy choices, but all were choices that taught me something. They gave me strength and confidence in myself. They taught me to embrace rather than fear the unknown. I learned to take a chance on myself. Today I am learning to not doubt my dreams and that no one, no matter how old they are can dare to dream. There is always a mix of ups and downs and we should take that in stride. Overall, in my young 60 years I have found that life can be so much fun. So interesting. I really do enjoy being alive and don’t want to miss a day!

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