How Did Amerika’z Police Forcez Get So Scary and Omnipresent?

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You can’t have a society owned and harvested by men like David Koch and Jamie Dimon without an enforcement mechanism.

ByGaius Publius

— from Digby’s Hullabaloo

I found the following article, posted at Alternet and written by Sam Mitrani, a history professor at the College of DuPage, absolutely fascinating. We’ve been discussing, in these pages and elsewhere, the behavior of “our” police forces and their frequent mistreatment of citizens, especially the poor, brown and less “deserving.”

The underlying assumption is that the police exists to protect “us,” an idea frequently promoted by the police themselves, whose slogan is usually some variant of this one:

(Notice the U.S. flag incorporated into this example, which adds a note of authoritarianism. The Nixon-era conversion of the U.S. flag from a national patriotic symbol to a dog-whistle call for obedience to authority will be treated later.)

“To protect and serve”…

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