I Took the Plunge!


And I don’t mean taking a dive off the high dive or even doing what some masochistic people do in the winter by diving naked in to freezing ocean water. I think my husband might have plunged the toilet. He has to do that a lot. But no, not that kind of plunge. How about a plunge out of an airplane? No thanks. Not for me. Have you ever done that? I don’t think I have the guts. No, I know I don’t have the guts. I don’t have to think about it! look I’m a wuss about things like that! So, who has the guts?

I took the plunge and turned my new, 6 week old 2nd blog and made it a premium blog and now I have my own URL. No longer is it http://watchandwhirl.WordPress.com (quite a finger full to type) and now it is just http://watchandwhirl.com Clean. Efficient and comes with some cool extra features. Like tons of space – important if you want to keep your blog for a long time. Also having video storage and email support.

I needed to make sure I wanted to have 2 blogs because if you do it right it does take a lot of dedication and time. I just wanted to spread my good news!

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    1. etty much am behind my computer from noon to about 4 AM and then go sleep. i try to take care of normal life in between but until it gets warmer wild horses have trouble dragging me outside! I do have a lot of projects going that take a lot of time and people who don’t have blogs don’t realize the amount of time it takes to do it right and what you have to do to get it off the ground ( which is opposite from jumping out of an airplane.) and I’m behind on my longhand letter writing. I really do need a second set of hands! lol

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        1. What a nice thought, but hate to tell you, it was a morning from hell, a really bad hell. But heck, we suffer what there is to suffer and we enjoy what there is to enjoy. Regard both as facts of life and keep going on no matter what. Brush it away and tackle our day with a smile on our face! Everything that happens to us is the effect of a cause we made somewhere, sometime. We get back what we dish out so I did something, somewhere to cause this.

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  1. Nice to know. It’s an inspiration. I am yet to establish a niche for my wordpress. Infact i don’t consider it started at all. I am more focused on my ‘blogger’ for now and when i finally settle, i am sure i would have found the perfect niche.

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