I Have This BIG Thing About Guns


What’s the point?  Why does everyone think they have to have a gun?  Because everyone else around them has a gun?  And why do they have a gun?  Because they think YOU have a gun.  So everyone feels they have to have a gun to protect themselves from everyone else and it’s gotten out of hand.

Gee you can even go into Walmart and buy a gun.  Not long ago a boy had taken a bb gun off a shelf and a customer saw him hold it, thought it was a real gun and called the cops, who shot the kid and killed him. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=795_1411730955

Here’s another thing that happened – also at a Walmart – a 2 year old boy took his mothers gun out of her purse and he accidentally shot and killed her. How emotionally disturbed is this child going to be his entire life, knowing that he killed his own mother and someone else was going to have to be his mommy now. He had siblings. He killed their mother, too. How are they going to deal with him for the rest of their lives. And a husband lost his wife. Will the child remember what he did? I can remember important events in my life at the age of two and it doesn’t get any more important than that. http://mashable.com/2014/12/30/2-year-old-shoots-mother/ Why did she feel the need to carry a gun in her purse in the first place? If someone actually did try to harm her she would be too panic driven to actually use the gun effectively to defend herself, even if she did go to gun range to learn how to use it.  At a gun range you aren’t in a frantic emotional state and the person you are shooting at, when you are afraid, isn’t going to stand still while you carefully aim shoot at a non moving target. There are several other stories involving children in that article, as well.

Someone I know personally has a husband who would get drunk a lot. He bought a gun. He had several already, for hunting, but this was a hand gun and he carried it in his pocket. His wife, out of protection for herself because he had a gun, went and bought a gun, too. She went to a gun range to learn how to use it. She carries it in her purse at all times.  One night, when he was drunk, he got angry at a situation in his house and he went into the room she was in with threatening to use it. The story she told us then is different from the story she uses now and the reasons aren’t important. It ended up only being a misdemeaner.  White man with an attorney gets a different outcome that black man with a public defender.The point here is having to buy a gun to protect yourself from another person who has a gun, even if it your own husband.

BUT IT IS OUR FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT TO CARRY A GUN! And now they can openly carry it around in some states as if this is the wild wild west. People are accidentally and on purpose shooting each other up. Neighbors arming themselves against the neighbors, or a person shopping in the next aisle over in a store.

Suspected terrorists can buy guns and shoot us up, too. Here is a petition, sign it, share it on you social media, and try to do a little something to stop it.

And there is Charlton Heston, who really did believe he was a gun totin’ wild west cowboy, who became the status symbol for all other cowboys saying:cold dead hands

And lastly, here is a CNN report that show there is map for your neighborhoods and you can get the names and addresses of every gun owner in your neighborhood.  This picture is just an example, but you can do your own research.  I did see and use that map last year and saw who was in my neighbor.  It was scary. Some people were outraged that people could look them up, yet on the other hand, parents wanted to know if the household their children played in was a house with a gun(s). http://archive.lohud.com/interactive/article/20121223/NEWS01/121221011/Map-Where-gun-permits-your-neighborhood-

I HATE THIS. Too many people are killed by accident or when someone just gets mad at them.  I don’t care if someone thinks it is their god (ha) given right to carry a gun or not, it’s wrong.  Look at Japan.  Guns are illegal ( only the Yakuza have them). But how many of them come in contact with the general population?  In Japan they don’t even lock up their bicycles, which is a main mode of transportation for many.  “Why don’t they,” I asked. “People could steal them” The answer I got back was, “Why would they, It doesn’t belong to them”  Here in the US people would steal it just because it didn’t have a lock on it.  Shows how twisted the minds are of many people who live here in this great nation.

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