The Narcissist and All about Me!!

This was a little too good to pass up ( thanks Gale!) and I see there were others that thought the same thing. Raise your hand if there is a little bit of ( pleasant, not too serious) narcissist in you!  I actual have a link on this site to my very own “about me” page that is not part of a  wordpress theme.  See the picture of me on the right?  The pretty 60 year old lady with a psychotic look?  ( my husbands words, not mine lol)  It will take you to a website  If any of you have a website or a blog and want to promote yourself a little bit, ( okay a lot, in my case) and also meet a whole bunch of really neat people and spend all day connecting with them,  I promise, you’ll be glad you went.  Have fun! ( I wonder if I can get paid by promoting their site? Another lol )Let me know what you think by leaving me a comment and don’t forget to give this a rating.  I think we forget about those rating stars sometimes.  I know I do.



Oh it’s all about me
She screamed in glee
All about me
It has to be.

So important yes I am
Others hell don’t give a damn
Every story every tale
Every hill every dale.

They are have to be
All about me!
I am special so very smart
Cute as a jelly tart.

Brilliant can’t you see?
All about me!
Has to be
All about me.

It’s all I write
Both day and night
How could they dare
Not care??

Because you see
It is all about me!!

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