Blog update, roughly a week.


I just “met” this young person, with his whole life ahead of him. I enjoyed reading one of his first posts. I hope you do to.

Nagrij writes the hits you never knew existed.

Or just a rough week. Guess I’m too boring to get people in here.

I’m sad now.

In my sadness I will post another story snippet:

   I stood patiently in line with the rest of my peers, looking around the old warehouse sized building. Packed bleachers filled with chattering, screaming parentage, the school colors of blue and grey everywhere muted by black robes and stupid hats. Heavy hot and itchy, we all stood in differing states of anger or irritation, waiting for the long winded jerk bag to get on with the names.

“Lisa Nule.”

The sparkly energetic blonde next to me that never gave me the time of day screamed in joy and went to get her diploma and listen to the inane mouthings of congratulations from our principle. Finally.

“Melvin Numen.”

I stood up and walked over, amongst the cheers and catcalls. I was not well beloved by our wonderful…

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